Your Verdict On The New Blog Design Is?

July 14, 2008 · Print This Article

So there ya have it! After the months and months of development, I’m glad to finally have it up and live. You can see that I’ve also included that logo I had designed way back in 2007.

Before I go anywhere though, many thanks go to my mate James Dyson! He owns and after a couple of emails, as well as Skype chats, James came up with this. I love it, and I hope you do too. [Thanks a lot mate!] :D

Whats new then?

Well as I mentioned above, I’ve include my logo that I’ll be using throughout my network of sites and products. This is a really simple way to help with branding, giving people a better chance of remembering who you are. Plus, does it really take you much to go that extra mile?!

Second is the new graphics. They do everything I want, and much much more. When I very first started this blog, I had a 2 column green theme. The worst thing was that the sidebar was on the right hand side! Surely you’d like the content there, and that’s the main reason I decided to change.

Along with that green theme, just having the one sidebar, it was VERY limited and meant that I couldn’t really do much with that either. My new theme has 3 sidebars and it’s great to see how much more you can add with all that extra space that is available. (You gotta love that right?!)

Now why did I go with a green/blue colour scheme? I created a thread over on SSP asking people to voice their opinion, and the majority voted for blue. Fair enough, but it wasn’t until Paula Brett mentioned how she really like my old theme that I thought about incorporating the pair. (James incorporated them better than I had in mind, as I was only expecting my logo to stay blue!)

All in all, I think it’s fantastic and would like to hear what you say on the subject matter too. Catch you all soon, and happy blogging!

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5 Responses to “Your Verdict On The New Blog Design Is?”
  1. Robin Skeen says:


    The new blog design is just wonderful! I think it’s time you hired yourself out to do these modifications. Really.

  2. John Szram says:

    Hi Mark,

    I think the new blog looks great! I really like the design. Nice and clean.

    You swear to me you’ve finished tweaking now though? :)

    John Szram

  3. Thanks Robin! I have thought about doing that, but you what I’m like. (Maybe later on in my career, I’ll hire a graphics ‘machine’ and do something, but I need to stop thinking about modifying WordPress Themes now!)

    Hmm, not sure about that John! - If I stop tweaking my blog design, then you’ll need to promise to stop playing with your’s too! ;) - Thanks for the complements though, I really appreciate them!


  4. John Szram says:

    We’re terrible aren’t we?

    I’m always torn between Arial and Verdana as my body font and I think yours looks great… Hmmm can I take my own advice and leave it alone…

    John Szram

  5. Miltski says:

    Hi Mark
    New design looks great, although the old one was good. This one just has a more professional feel. Lovely colours and not to dissimilar to the old blog. Clear Navigation and your New Logo is really cool, especially the bottom right of the footer subtle M logo.
    All Good,
    Keep it up.


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