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I’m sure most of you reading have asked questions before, some that you feel may have been slightly daft and embarrassing, but others quite serious too?… At the end of the day though, a question is a question and we all ask them!

Taking earlier on today for example, I fired off an email to Robert Plank asking him how he manages to sell more than the 1 product through a single ClickBank account, when each product is on a separate salespage. Plus affiliates still being able to promote and earn a commission.

Fact is that I’d like to know the answer, if you don’t ask them you simply don’t get, and there’s no harm in asking! I mean does he use a script of some kind, or just some PHP code that everyone can get their hands on?

Which brings me onto the topic of this post being that I’d like to gather questions YOU, my readers, would like answered. So please do fire away with them in the comments section and I’ll write up a few posts relating to the different questions I get asked.

Depending on how many questions I’m asked overall, will ultimately depend on how many posts I decide to write!

The best thing of all though is that if I don’t happen to know the answer myself, then I’ll go and get someone who does know that they are talking about, to answer the question for me! – That way I know you’re going to get the best possible answer.

I need just 10 comments before I’ll start sharing my answers with you! ;)

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