What My $269.32 Clickbank Cheque Bought Me

You’ll remember back in April 2008 when I talked about receiving my very first cheque from Clickbank. [View That Post Here] Well, today’s post is just going to be short and sweet telling you what I spent my money on. (I thought some of you might like to know!)

So the first product I bought was DLGuard! The reasons being that it was going to manage all my downloads and simple membership areas. It’s not just that, but it can power my WHOLE business and I can just login and from the one admin area. DLGuard has many other features that I like, and look forward to using!

It just so happened that Sam (Owner and developer of DLG) was doing a Warrior Special Offer for his software, and I managed to grab it at $97! But even at $127, it’s still a steal! If I hadn’t have seen the WSO, then I would have quite happily gone and paid the full amount. (Sam can tell I’m a happy customer!)

And in all honesty, that’s all I’ve spent from the money I received! You see, I don’t like letting my money go down the drain! (However I seem to like buying domain names all the time, but that’s for another day!)

The chances of me spending the rest of my cheque are quite high, as I still have to signup for an autoresponder. And while the debate may still go on about their recent changes, there is one feature that I really quite like.

Anyway I hope you’ve been making money through Clickbank, and if not then keep pushing! It took me time before I started to see any results, and there are still days when I make absolutely nothing. We’ll get there together though!

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One Response to “What My $269.32 Clickbank Cheque Bought Me”
  1. Pete says:

    Congrats on the cheque mate! ( Or should that be check, as it’s USA??) :roll:
    Just wanted to say, you SO did the right thing getting DLG. Ive messed about withmore membership/management scripts than I care to mention and DLG always has, and continues to be the best by far.

    I still know of no script so easy to incorporate into an existing site either. And with Sams support being just about as good as possible, I reckon it was a wise investment.

    Have fun with it!


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