The Powerseller Challenge v3 Is Now In My Hands!

Just a short note to talk about The Powerseller Challenge v3 which I received through the door today, as part of my bonus for ‘buying’ The 7 Figure Secrets through John Thornhill’s link. It was nice to see what John actually does in the real flesh. While a really good description can be fine, it’s always good to see it all together.

So what did I receive then? (I was VERY impressed with it, and this makes me want to do something similar even more!)

Well the CD arrived through my door packaged inside a Jiffy Bag. The CD itself was inside a clear pouch, with a little leaflet type thing giving me a discount to another one of his products. (If I hadn’t already owned that specific product, then I would have taken a look and quite possibly purchased it!)

The interactive CD itself was great too, and I enjoyed the look around! I’d definitely recommend grabbing your copy when John releases it for the general public in the near future. Thanks John, I owe you one! :D

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One Response to “The Powerseller Challenge v3 Is Now In My Hands!”
  1. Lynn says:

    This sounds great Mark. I’m eagerly awaiting my copy – what a fantastic bonus from John!

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