Show Me Your Butterfly Sites

That’s what John Thornhill keeps saying anyway, and to be honest, the man has a point! Just take a look at your inbox and tell me you haven’t received ANY emails regarding Mike Filsaime’s BFM 2.0 launch?

In fact, how many have you received or think you’ll receive over the coming few days as we get closer and closer to Marth 24th launch day? I think it’d be safe enough to say quite a few, with loads more expected! - Off the top of my head, I think I have received something from at least 9 or 10 other marketers!

Anyway, let me explain!…

The reason behind the question ‘Show Me Your Butterfly Sites’ asked by John is quite simple, and I quote from one of his recent emails!

[...] but I am going to pre-warn you that your inbox will be flooded with hype from marketers who don’t even own the original Butterfly Marketing.

So if I were you when you receive these hyped up emails simple ask “SHOW ME YOUR BUTTERFLY SITES”

You see, I have built numerous butterfly sites and I am going to show you every single one. I am also going to show you how to make the most out of Butterfly Marketing 2.0 and how you can generate the most subscribers and the more earnings.

John really cares about his subscribers, and he wants to help each and everyone of them out the best he can! Which most of you already know if you’re subscribed to his list!

Which explains the reasoning behind the type of bonus he is creating for anyone who grabs the package through his affiliate link, it’s a nice addition, and he’ll leave no stone unturned!

For the record I’m not actually promoting BFM, but rather sending anyone in John Thornhill’s direction! - Yes I have mentioned about it on Twitter, but I still say if you’re after some help and advice to get your first Butterfly Marketing site up and running, then this bonus can’t go wrong!

Want to see his BFM sites? Video 1 • Video 2 • Video 3Video 4

I have a prediction for you anyway. If you noticed the URL for the videos above, you can see that John has bought himself a domain relating to the product! (That in itself is a valuable bit of information!)

The bonus we’d receive first-hand, shows us how to get the site running through videos, but also via a report!

Now this prediction comes in, and if I know John well enough, I don’t think this will be far off! (Wait and see as they usually say!) - So what he is showing us, is  really a live case study for a new site

  • The report we receive as part of the bonus, will be given away in BFM style on the new site, and people optin meaning more subscribers for John.
  • The videos that he is also creating as part of our valuable bonus, will become the one-time offer (OTO) for the new site being created. Depending on how many videos John creates, they could be some from anywhere between $27 and $97!

So if you’re reading John, how close did I get? Or was I miles away, spot on, or just muttering a loads of rubbish and making a fool of myself?

That’s my prediction anyway, although on reading back through his blog post, I bumped into the word ‘exclusive’ which might just send my prediction down the gutter already! :D

If you are thinking about being one of the lucky 5,000 people, then PLEASE go through John’s link and take huge advantage of the bonus on offer today!

Note: All links used here are for John, and not me, his bonus is just too good to be missed out on!

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4 Responses to “Show Me Your Butterfly Sites”
  1. Hi Mark,

    What’s Butterfly Marketing :)
    Okay, I may have had one or two emails this week…

    Maybe it should be the topic of the Skype Chat on Saturday unless everyone else is fed up of hearing about it by then.


    P.S - I should have signed up to Gravatar before commenting, so I wouldn’t have to post again to test what it looks like! ;)

    • I was just waiting for someone, like yourself, to ask what it was! You must have been lucky to only receive 1 or 2 of them, but sadly I won’t be there to talk about anything on Saturday! (Will be away!)


  2. Andrew Stark says:

    Hi Mark

    The butterfly marketing script is fantastic, but it may be too much for many newbie marketers to understand.

    For info I bought the original $997 and will get getting my free upgrade next week. In case you want to see it my site is

    Keep on tweeting


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting Andrew, it’s very much appreciated! - I’m in total agreement with you, the BFM script isn’t going to be for everyone at this moment and time.

      If you’re a complete newbie, then yes it might be a little hard to understand, however I do feel that if you’re out to learn, then you still can use it! ;)

      For me anyway, I’d never have been able to grab this superb package when it was being sold for $1,997! And I have ALWAYS wanted my hands on it though, so this is one of those no-brainer investments! (Even although I’m just paying for it to be shipped over here to the UK really!)

      Take care, and speak soon!


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