Your Verdict On The New Blog Design Is?

So there ya have it! After the months and months of development, I’m glad to finally have it up and live. You can see that I’ve also included that logo I had designed way back in 2007.

Before I go anywhere though, many thanks go to my mate James Dyson! He owns and after a couple of emails, as well as Skype chats, James came up with this. I love it, and I hope you do too. [Thanks a lot mate!] :D

Whats new then?

Well as I mentioned above, I’ve include my logo that I’ll be using throughout my network of sites and products. This is a really simple way to help with branding, giving people a better chance of remembering who you are. Plus, does it really take you much to go that extra mile?!

Second is the new graphics. They do everything I want, and much much more. When I very first started this blog, I had a 2 column green theme. The worst thing was that the sidebar was on the right hand side! Surely you’d like the content there, and that’s the main reason I decided to change.

Along with that green theme, just having the one sidebar, it was VERY limited and meant that I couldn’t really do much with that either. My new theme has 3 sidebars and it’s great to see how much more you can add with all that extra space that is available. (You gotta love that right?!)

Now why did I go with a green/blue colour scheme? I created a thread over on SSP asking people to voice their opinion, and the majority voted for blue. Fair enough, but it wasn’t until Paula Brett mentioned how she really like my old theme that I thought about incorporating the pair. (James incorporated them better than I had in mind, as I was only expecting my logo to stay blue!)

All in all, I think it’s fantastic and would like to hear what you say on the subject matter too. Catch you all soon, and happy blogging!

No I Have Not Left The Country!

To start with, I do apologise for the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks! When you get started on something then it really is hard to stop and take some time out. What I’m talking about is when you start on a project you sometimes can’t stop until its complete.

Anyway I am working with a programmer called David on a new project that I have had in mind for absolute ages. In fact it’s unbelievable how long I’ve wanted to create this simple, yet great script. And the best thing is that it’s going to help out product owners. (OK so I did give you all a little hint, but whats wrong with that?!) ;)

Some good news too that the long lost Support System Simplified will be making a return. While ‘return’ might not be the right word to use here, it did kind of slip away when there were some changes to the script I was basing the step-by-step report on.

The good news is that I’m in the process of rewriting it and I’ll be giving it away for absolutely nothing! As I’m here, I may as well mention that there is a surprise at the end too! So keep a lookout for that!…

I have another few things here and there that will be launched, but they aren’t the type of products that require a huge launch. All will be revealed anyway, so keep your eyes peeled.

For The Twitter Fans Out There – Follow Me

I’m not a betting man, well actually it would be illegal for me to bet at this age, but how many of you Twitter each and every day? It’s bound to be around 98% of you! To let you into a secret though, it’s not every day for me (Sometimes you really can get distracted from things), but I find it nice to see what others are saying.

You’ll easily find me if you do a Twitter search, but for ease of use, just click on the following like and that’ll take you straight to my tweets. :P

Have fun, and see you in a couple of days!

The Powerseller Challenge v3 Is Now In My Hands!

Just a short note to talk about The Powerseller Challenge v3 which I received through the door today, as part of my bonus for ‘buying’ The 7 Figure Secrets through John Thornhill’s link. It was nice to see what John actually does in the real flesh. While a really good description can be fine, it’s always good to see it all together.

So what did I receive then? (I was VERY impressed with it, and this makes me want to do something similar even more!)

Well the CD arrived through my door packaged inside a Jiffy Bag. The CD itself was inside a clear pouch, with a little leaflet type thing giving me a discount to another one of his products. (If I hadn’t already owned that specific product, then I would have taken a look and quite possibly purchased it!)

The interactive CD itself was great too, and I enjoyed the look around! I’d definitely recommend grabbing your copy when John releases it for the general public in the near future. Thanks John, I owe you one! :D

It’s The Taking Part That Counts!…Right?

Once again it’s another post that relates to the great weekend I had, mainly just on Saturday! And guess what, I was bowling again, but this time it was in a triples competition! (3 people in a team really!) There were 4 groups overall, each with 4 teams. The winner o each section would go through to the semi-finals and then the final if they make it.

While despite losing our very first game, we battled through to the semis and just scraped through into the final. (At this time, I was just fortunate that I’d made it this far!) In the final we got off to a good start that built up over the 6 ends we played. Eventually we came out winners with the score being 12-6. What a day of bowls that was!

For starters, I never actually expected to make it into the semi-finals, let alone the final. It’s as I always say though, it’s the taking part that counts! And that is true; all I was there to do was take part and have as much fun as I possibly could! (I think I managed to do that!)

Now instead of just talking about my weekend, I thought I’d throw in something that is marketing related. I spent 10 minutes yesterday (Sunday) thinking about it, and could only come up with one thing.

So what would that be, and how in marketing is this related?! Well what I came up with was a JV Competition. (I’m being serious!) We all know that marketing is fun on its own, but to be able to make an appearance in one of these competitions would just help boost your business far! OK, let me explain how I see it!…

The taking part in a JV Competition counts, but if you came out better than you started, then surely you’re a winner?! You’re having fun to start with, and promote the product to your list as you really did enjoy its quality, but if your name made it onto the leader board…then you’d have more than just something to laugh about. This would be a HUGE promotion for you, and could result in even more. It’s nothing to be sniffed at in my books!

If there’s any new product launches coming up soon, then why not jump on board and see how well you can do. If you don’t manage to make it onto the board, then you’ll have always made some commission hopefully!

When big marketers check out the status page or the JV Competition and spot an unusual name on it, then they’ll be watching to see what you do next. They would hopefully go and read more about you, which has the potential to be massive. I’d probably faint if someone like Jim Cockrum, Kevin Riley or John Thornhill (In fact any well known marketer!) asked me to review one of their products or even asked if we could do a simple JV.

They have spotted your name, and for you, it’s probably the best thing that happened to you! I know that’s the case for one UK marketer, Lee McIntyre, when he made 3rd in a JV contest. So what’s stopping you?

What My $269.32 Clickbank Cheque Bought Me

You’ll remember back in April 2008 when I talked about receiving my very first cheque from Clickbank. [View That Post Here] Well, today’s post is just going to be short and sweet telling you what I spent my money on. (I thought some of you might like to know!)

So the first product I bought was DLGuard! The reasons being that it was going to manage all my downloads and simple membership areas. It’s not just that, but it can power my WHOLE business and I can just login and from the one admin area. DLGuard has many other features that I like, and look forward to using!

It just so happened that Sam (Owner and developer of DLG) was doing a Warrior Special Offer for his software, and I managed to grab it at $97! But even at $127, it’s still a steal! If I hadn’t have seen the WSO, then I would have quite happily gone and paid the full amount. (Sam can tell I’m a happy customer!)

And in all honesty, that’s all I’ve spent from the money I received! You see, I don’t like letting my money go down the drain! (However I seem to like buying domain names all the time, but that’s for another day!)

The chances of me spending the rest of my cheque are quite high, as I still have to signup for an autoresponder. And while the debate may still go on about their recent changes, there is one feature that I really quite like.

Anyway I hope you’ve been making money through Clickbank, and if not then keep pushing! It took me time before I started to see any results, and there are still days when I make absolutely nothing. We’ll get there together though!

Having An Introductory Price For 7 Days Only?

Let’s face it, whenever you walk into your local supermarket, more often than not your hit with a special offer. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a supermarket! Whatever shop it is has a new product out on the market, and their giving you a deal if you decide to purchase within the first 7 days.

If we take Tesco as an example then they are always doing this, and we never think too much about it. However when it comes to a marketer offering a similar sort of offer, they always seem to get backlash for NO apparent reason!

This isn’t making much sense, and I see no difference.

I remember one occasion were Paula Brett released her Operation eBook, and John Thornhill made a blog post recommending it. (Why wouldn’t he, it’s a GREAT report!) He also mentioned a couple of times about the price increase after the 7 days. Well to cut a long story short, there was a sudden surge of comments coming from every part of the planet. It turned out into an interesting debate, and I think quite a few of us learned a thing or 2!

So WHY do us marketers decide to offer a new product at an introductory price? Well it’s quite simple if you think about it.

We are all about over-delivering, and providing quality to our subscribers/customers. If you can build on the relationship you have with your current subscribers, then they are more likely going to purchase further products and recommend them to their friends. Not to mention it might help you clinch that vital JV (Joint Venture) you have been longing to get.

If you recon that special offers are a scam, then what about ‘Buy One Get One Free’ or ‘3 For The Price Of 2?’ They are all an offer in their own way, and if you can offer a discount on your information product then why not?

When I go and register my domains, I search the internet for the latest discount coupon code. But why do that? We’re all out to grab a bargain from time to time, and if you really want the product then you’ll buy it. Whither you get the discount or not!

The next time you launch a new product, why don’t you think about offering an introductory price? At the end of the day, we’re just an online shop selling our products. Nothing much diferent than a shop in the high-street doing the very same.

(Have your OWN opinion, then post a comment expressing what you think!)

A Weekend Of Fun, Fun And Fun!

For once I can safely say that I was out having fun the past 2 days. There was absolutely nothing business-like that took place, except a nice quiet chat with a few people on Saturday night!

You see I’m into bowling, and no it’s not ten-pin bowling either! For all the UKers out there, this can often be called ‘Crown Green Bowls.’ And before anyone says that it’s an old grannies sport, I’d ask you to think twice! At our club, we have quite a few youths who do very well and there are even a couple who play for Scotland. Sadly I’m not in that ’section’ anymore, but there are plenty more opportunities for me!

Anyway, enough about them! LOL

On Saturday I got up about lunchtime and had something to eat then headed out to watch a very big tournament taking place at the club. I was helping out with the big scoreboard, but as I’d already planned to go and watch, I really didn’t mind as I could do both! After a few soft-drinks, it felt as if the day flew by and before I knew it…the party had started. It was nice to talk with the players and have a few games of pool! (I’d like to say that I’m amazing, but some would just say good!) And no I wasn’t out until all hours!

Then came Sunday, the day that I was playing in an open tournament. Much as I’d like to win from time to time, its the taking part that I enjoy the most! You really do have a good laugh with the usual crowd that arrive to play. From youngsters to O.A.P.s!

So all in all I had a great weekend, and hope you did too! I’m no were near the stage were I only need to do 3 days of work and have the money rolling in, but it’s still nice to have the weekends to yourself! And there are plenty more weekends were that came from!

What a relaxing way to finish the week!