It’s The Taking Part That Counts!…Right?

June 16, 2008 · Print This Article

Once again it’s another post that relates to the great weekend I had, mainly just on Saturday! And guess what, I was bowling again, but this time it was in a triples competition! (3 people in a team really!) There were 4 groups overall, each with 4 teams. The winner o each section would go through to the semi-finals and then the final if they make it.

While despite losing our very first game, we battled through to the semis and just scraped through into the final. (At this time, I was just fortunate that I’d made it this far!) In the final we got off to a good start that built up over the 6 ends we played. Eventually we came out winners with the score being 12-6. What a day of bowls that was!

For starters, I never actually expected to make it into the semi-finals, let alone the final. It’s as I always say though, it’s the taking part that counts! And that is true; all I was there to do was take part and have as much fun as I possibly could! (I think I managed to do that!)

Now instead of just talking about my weekend, I thought I’d throw in something that is marketing related. I spent 10 minutes yesterday (Sunday) thinking about it, and could only come up with one thing.

So what would that be, and how in marketing is this related?! Well what I came up with was a JV Competition. (I’m being serious!) We all know that marketing is fun on its own, but to be able to make an appearance in one of these competitions would just help boost your business far! OK, let me explain how I see it!…

The taking part in a JV Competition counts, but if you came out better than you started, then surely you’re a winner?! You’re having fun to start with, and promote the product to your list as you really did enjoy its quality, but if your name made it onto the leader board…then you’d have more than just something to laugh about. This would be a HUGE promotion for you, and could result in even more. It’s nothing to be sniffed at in my books!

If there’s any new product launches coming up soon, then why not jump on board and see how well you can do. If you don’t manage to make it onto the board, then you’ll have always made some commission hopefully!

When big marketers check out the status page or the JV Competition and spot an unusual name on it, then they’ll be watching to see what you do next. They would hopefully go and read more about you, which has the potential to be massive. I’d probably faint if someone like Jim Cockrum, Kevin Riley or John Thornhill (In fact any well known marketer!) asked me to review one of their products or even asked if we could do a simple JV.

They have spotted your name, and for you, it’s probably the best thing that happened to you! I know that’s the case for one UK marketer, Lee McIntyre, when he made 3rd in a JV contest. So what’s stopping you?

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