Have You Registered YourName.com Yet?

Once again it’s pouring down with rain here in the UK. Not to mention this cold that’s just hit me, but I’m not letting it stop me from providing my readers with information!

Now, you’ve maybe heard other marketers like John Thornhill or even Lee McIntyre¬†talking about this from time to time. If you remember from that ‘interview‘ I had with John, he mentioned it there too.

When I first started out online, I really didn’t know were I was or what in fact I was doing. I searched eBay several times and I eventually came across PlanetSMS (John Thornhill) and started from there really.

The IMPORTANT thing I never did, was to register MarkMcWilliams.com РPeople will do searches on Google maybe even Yahoo looking for YOU! So after a bit of time, I eventually went to register Mark-McWilliams.com because the other one had been TAKEN!

Fortunately for me, MarkMcWilliams.com had been registered a few years before so it couldn’t be helped. However, I am on the lookout for when it does expire…cause I’ll be jumping on it like a hound. :D

The thing I’m trying to tell you is go register YourName.com domain today! Get a blog setup on it, then start typing away. If you know nothing about Wordpress, then you could always get someone to do it for you. Although, if you have cPanel then there is a program called ‘Fantastico De Luxe’ were you can install it from.

Back on track of things, you can use your domain and add a ‘recommends’ directory were you can create nice looking affiliate links. I mean, what’s better?



Come on, I hope you were going with the second link there! ;)

I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from this post today. And as always, if you need to know anything else…then just drop me a line in the comments below.

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10 Responses to “Have You Registered YourName.com Yet?”
  1. Danny says:

    Hi Mark,

    Definitely something worth doing, so top marks for recommending it to your readers. I think it was one of my best moves aswell. Just to have your own base online – its a nice feeling lol :) but a valuable one aswell.


  2. Hi Mark,

    I registered mine last year.

    Lucky I have an unusual name :) Nobody else wanted it.



  3. Now now Keith! What’s that suppost to mean?… ;)

    VERY true Danny, and thanks for posting a comment.


  4. TK says:

    i’m amazed at the number of folks who haven’t registered. i could never understand why building a blog up and then risk losing your name.
    great reminder


  5. Hey Mark

    You just cost me $9.29, but I’m sure it’s money well spent :???:

    I actually registered my domain name a while back harry-spencer.com because someone had already taken harryspencer.com but guess what? Someone thought that harryspencer.com wasn’t worth having! Cause I just snapped it up :grin:

    So a BIG THANKS Mark might not have bothered to look otherwise. Right just got to start posting and get my blog to the top of the search engines when search for me.


  6. Thanks for your comment TK! I too am sometimes amazed at the number of people who haven’t registered their name. I guess they don’t think it’s top of their list when they get started!…

    Harry, you just made my day! Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you managed to grab HarrySpencer.com – I just need to wait and see if the owners drop my name. (I tried sending them an email, but it returned telling me the address didn’t exist!)


  7. Paula Brett says:

    I managed quite a coup a few months back and bought johnthornhill.com Wonder if he’ll offer me a massive fee to buy it from me? :lol:

    Best wishes
    Paula Brett

  8. HEHE – I spotted that you’d bought it when you mentioned a while back! (Lucky thing!) It just goes to show that you can almost pick anything up under someone’s nose!

    I bet John was looking out for it, but got pipped at the post?!… :lol:

    (Wonders if MarkMcWilliams.com could be available?)



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