Clickbank Send Me My FIRST Ever Cheque For $269.32!

What now feels like ages away, on Wednesday 5th March (I finally got round to blogging about it!), I was delighted when I came home to find a Clickbank cheques waiting for me! I was like, YAHOO! It really is a GREAT feeling to open your mail and find a cheque for a certain amount, plus the fact that I was shocked when I logged into my account anyway…just to find I’d make some affiliate sales!

Well before I get any further, this post isn’t being published to brag about anything in particular! The reason I am though is because I want to show YOU that making money online CAN be done! Many others receive their Clickbank cheques through the door every couple of weeks, so why can’t you?

I was going to post a picture of the cheque, but it didn’t come out right with the camera, so why not a screenshot from my Clickbank account?!

Here you have it then, my very FIRST cheque for $269.32 (Account screenshot!)

CB Account Screenshot - $269.32

Sidenote: Before I go any further, I must mention that I have now changed over to their Direct Deposit. All that means is they pay your cash straight into your bank account. (NO more waiting around the bank for 2 hours trying to cash 3 cheques! ;) ) If you want to find out more, why not check out Paula Brett’s blog post on that very topic?

There is only one question that I’m going to ask you now, and that’s…

“Have You Started Marketing Clickbank Products And Earning A Commission?”

I personally hope that you answered YES to that question! This is just ONE way to make money online, and it doesn’t need to cost you ANYTHING to setup!

Yip, that’s right! There is NO cost to you if you’d like to start out in affiliate marketing. It’s quite easy to go and setup a Squidoo lens or even a Blogger blog. These are FREE sites that allow you to do this very thing. There have been times when I setup a Squidoo lens to promote a few products and from them I had a sales here and there.

One question that people have been asking me, is “What Am I Going To Spend My Clickbank Cash On?” Well that would be telling wouldn’t it?

I’ve had a long hard think about what my hard-earned cash is going towards, and while I may have decided myself…I welcome you to post a comment on what you think I SHOULD invest in.

Have fun, and I look forward to your suggestions!

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5 Responses to “Clickbank Send Me My FIRST Ever Cheque For $269.32!”
  1. Robin Skeen says:

    You already know what I think Mark. Product listing fees in Clickbank or an autoresponder. Of course, a little something for yourself and don’t forget, only ten shopping days left until my birthday. :twisted:

  2. Miltski says:

    Well Done Mark,
    The day is still to come for me to receive my first clickbank cheque. I await in anticipation.
    In the meantime, I must stop logging in to my clickbank account to look at my $0.00 commissions earned.

    What you should spend it on, now that’s a tough one…

  3. I’ve already got you something Robin! ;) (Only snag is it costs you $20 to find out…)

    Your time will come Miltski, and I did the exact same thing as you are. I logged in like twice everyday and nothing…then I received a few sales. (Truely was a shock to me!)



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