So I’m 18 Years Old Today!

Almost half-way through the year and that can only mean one thing for me, I’m another year older! This isn’t just another birthday either, it is in fact my 18th and I plan on celebrating it in style later on tonight! (Think I’ll recover tomorrow! LOL)

So if you heard any rumors that I was getting old then it’s true! :P

Unless anyone has planned a surprise for me, I’m just going out for a meal tonight with the family. We’ll be sampling the delights at our local Chinese restaurant, and they know me quite well whenever we go in in for a takeaway, so it should be fun!

Most likely I’ll have a couple of drinks with my meal, you never know? What I do know is that quite number of people would love to buy me my first alcoholic drink! So when I visit the Bowling Club after, I can expect to see a few members all wanting to wish me a Happy Birthday!

I’m not going to go into detail here as it’s quite hard to explain, but turning 18 also brings some new and exciting changes to my business in the coming weeks and months! You’ll slowly start seeing things happen, but we’ll talk about that another day, it’s almost time to party!

Some birthday cake anyone…? :D