Internet Marketing VS Baguette Express

We all know that customer service is key, and keeping our customers happy is our number one priority. It’ll either make or break your business! – However, I’m about to show you how NOT to treat your paying customers, with something that happened to me when I visited one of my local shops for a bite to eat.

Usually most Saturday’s I head off to Baguette Express, and for the one’s on the other side of the pond, it’s basically just a baguette shop were you can pick whatever kind of filling you like.

So this one Saturday my mum went in, she was passing, and decided to go and get me it instead. I enjoy a Chicken Tikka baguette, so that’s what my mum ordered me. Now she did think that the member of staff had put on something different, but as  she said to me at home, she wasn’t really sure so brought it back for me to try.

Well I instantly took a look at it, and said that’s Chinese Chicken, which I really don’t like. But I took a bite anyway just to make sure, and it definitely was. (With this happening to me before, on more than one occasion, my mum was furious so went back to the shop!)

If you think back to what I said a little earlier, can you guess what’s coming? ;)

Turns out it WAS in fact Chicken Tikka – Makes my mum look like a right old muppet, but also the member of staff too, as they are virtually ‘arguing’ over a baguette and the filling.

Baguette Express had ordered this particular filling from a different supplier (That’s got something to do with the customer?), and there’s nothing they can do? By this point, a nice little queue has started to form. I really wish I’d gone along now! LOL

My mum tells them about the service we’ve been receiving, along with everything else, but also said that we’ll not be back! To this day, I’ve only been twice after this happened. Must be over 2 or 3 months too?!

So what has this got to do with Internet Marketing and customer service I hear you ask? Let’s look at it this way, if we had a customer who wasn’t satisfied with their purchase then we’d offer them a full refund right?

Did Baguette Express do that for us?… NO!

Not even the offer to exchange it for another filling, as I’d gladly have accepted just a normal Ham baguette. And before you ask, I don’t like all those optional extras they offer you.

Being an Internet Marketer, some of us may have even provided the dissatisfied customer with some kind of gift on top of their refund, just to apologise for the inconvenience caused. It’s not something you have to do, but I have seen a few people doing it.

What’s the important lesson learnt today then? Always keep your customers happy, and a nice way of doing that is providing them with FREE content every now and then! You’ll have a much better change of getting a sale, as it’s the subscribers way of thanking you for all the advice you’ve given them, and for all you done.

…Look at how some of the other marketers do things!

Have you had any similar experiences that you’d like to share with the rest of the world, then drop me a comment below?!

How To Install Google Analytics

The question about installing Google Analytics on your blog, or even just a normal site, pops up from time-to-time. And in fact, I often get asked how to do it. Well today was that day I decided to jump in at the deep end and create my first ever video for my blog readers!

Now as I said, this is my first video and I do apologise if anything doesn’t sound right, or indeed look right! To say that I was a touch nervous would be an understatement don’t you think?

What did you think then? Should I just stick to the writing, or would you like to see a few more videos from me in the future?

Start SMALL And Work Your Way Up

(This sadly wasn’t the post I wanted to bring to you today, let’s just say I’ve misplaced the sheet of paper that I’d written it on! Saying that though, I think you’re going to enjoy this post just as much!) :D

Just like when I first got started online, all I was looking for was some quick cash! After a week, I was very upset that I hadn’t even made $1. Yip, on measly dollar! – In other words, I was a complete newbie who didn’t really know what he was doing!

Moving on!…

A few days ago I headed on over to my domain registrar, as I wanted to just see how many domains I had exactly. Over my past couple of years online, I’ve gathered a few over the time. I can safely say though, that I don’t own anymore then 20. Considering there are people with 100+ I don’t think I’m that bad, maybe I still am!

So after taking a look at them all, I decided that there were a few I didn’t want to keep, so instead of just letting them expire I decided to sell them on the NameCheap Marketplace. Now remember, at the time of purchasing these domains, they cost me $8.41 or something like that.

I picked this particular domain and set upon listing it into the marketplace. After writing a small description, I set the price I was asking to $12. The default 7 days was just left the same, and I hit submit and there we had it. The domain was successfully listed, and I’d hopefully get $12 for it if someone wanted to purchase it from me.

3 days later I logged back into NameCheap, and there was my $12 (Minus 10% NC take!) sitting there in my account. Now I know it wasn’t much, but there was still a slight smile coming from me. But WHY some might ask?

$12 -$8.41 = $3.59 PROFIT

Now that’s not bad for what turned out to be 10 minutes work.

I still enjoy making these small profits though, even after I made $269.32 through ClickBank for the first time. (As I blogged about here on my blog!) – I mean, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! ;)

WordPress Is A Machine, So Use It’s POWER!

When I first got started with WordPress, back when this blog was first started, I really didn’t know what many of the functions were or even what they did than what I do now! If I think about it though, it was because I was just a ‘newbie’ and was just getting started with WP. I would still say that I’m a ‘newbie’ even though others might think otherwise! (There was a lot of trial and error used, and I’m pretty good at learning from any mistakes made!)

I bet most of you would be shocked if I was to say that WordPress doesn’t just run a blog! There are many more things that you can do, and blogging probably isn’t even half of it! After visiting many different sites over the past 6+ months, it’s amazing to see what can be done! – One person I enjoy watching is Brian Gardner!

So what about the other things you can do with WordPress?…

  • You can turn a normal site into one that’s managed with WP. Means you can easily ‘add’ a blog, but manage it all from the SAME WordPress installation. That in itself is pretty cool, and there are more and more internet marketers doing this kind of thing. (I’ve seen it!)
  • Create some kind of community were you have many authors publishing content for your readers, informing them, and helping them. There is no need to setup multiple blogs for each author, all this can be managed from inside the one installation as well!
  • Install, and activate some plugins in which you can turn a blog installation into a Review Site. You could even turn it into an article directory if you liked, people create these kind of plugins for the simple reason that they love working with WordPresss and want to do MORE with it!
  • Plus many others!…

Are you starting to see the bigger picture here? This amazing content-management system really does live up to everyone’s expectations. It continues to be updated, and it’s always for the better. Many people have requested some features, and the WP developers are providing us all with them. Each time a new version is released, I look forward to seeing what new has been added. (Did I say I love WordPress? LOL)

In a matter of a few days, maybe even a week, you could see a site go from absolutely nothing to something all because of WP. Google loves seeing new content, but I also believe that they like WordPress. So are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Proudly Powered By WordPressLook at it this way, I’m happy enough to display that picture here on my blog! For the simple reason that it does what I want it too, and more!

Instantly change the look of your site, and give it a unique style, simply by clicking on a few buttons. While the basic one is as it sounds, with a little time you can have your site looking just as it would have if you decided not to use WordPress! For me, that’s a big plus, and therefore means it’s less to worry about.

So if your not using WordPress, then I ask you why not?! All it takes is for you to try it out and you’ll be hooked instantly. Well at least thats what I would hope happened, it basically did with me!

== >> Download WordPress, And Give It A *Try* For Yourself!

Go do it now, then come back and let me see what you have done! Just post a comment, and I’ll get something nice sorted out for you! You never know, you could be starring in my next post if you act quick enough. I absolutely love WP, and want you to as well! :D

Looking To Clean Up Your Links, A Smart Move!

Before we begin, lately there has been a few things that really irritate me and as I see it, this COULD well be hurting your business! One of the things happens to be regarding affiliate links, so sit back, relax, and enjoy what I have for you today! (If you’re a popcorn lover, then grab some, but remember to leave some for me.)

Cloaking Your Affiliate Links

So it’s time for a product promotion to your subscribers whither it be a broadcast of just a followup message, and you get to the stage were you’ve written an absolutely amazing email, but it’s not time to insert your own affiliate link. Meaning that if one of your subscribers likes what they see, then you can get credited as the referring affiliate.

Now, a little question!…

“What would you think of a marketer, if all you had to click on looked something like and worst of all you had a few placed throughout the whole email?”

…To start with, it doesn’t appeal to me! It looks very messy, and completely unprofessional considering the fact that you can cloak your links. Just think about it, if you went that extra mile to make things look clean and professional, then will it not increase your reputation and possibly earn you a little move?

I’d much prefer to go and click on a link that looked something like and see what the marketer promoting the product is actually saying in their email. Does that last sentence make any sense, I hope so anyway!

The beauty here (Or the way I at least see it anyway!), is that you can set all this up however you like. You don’t need to put all your links into a ‘recs’ folder. Take a look at the following examples and you’ll quite easily see what I am talking about!

  • – Say this email was going out to all your newsletter subscribers, you might have been able to get a discount page setup. What better than TELLING your subscribers in the link, that it is a discount?! Smart move or what?
  • If you follow this link yourself, then you’ll find that it takes you to a FREE report all about showing you basically how to get all setup, and ready to ship off your first physical product.
  • - You can see from this, that it must be some kind of video, probably talking about traffic. Well if that’s what you thought, then you’d be right! :D

Well I hope you’re beginning to see what I mean when everyone creates these kind of links. Would you not rather click on one of them instead?

Below you’ll find the EXACT code that I use to create what could be called ‘powerful links’ if you used the right kind of text when creating the links!

So here it is!…

<?php $URL="";
header ("Location: $URL");

Now I better explain exactly what I do with that code. (It would probably help!)

Firstly I open up a blank txt document and insert that code, as shown, but changing the link that I want to redirect too. Then when you go to save it, make sure you type index.php into the box and click save. So assuming that you’ve just saved that file to your desktop, the next step is to create an empty folder. For that we’ll go with ’smsdigital’ and it’s now simply a matter of moving that index.php file into the ’smsdigital’ folder. We then need to decide what the main folder is going to be called, but we will just go with ‘recommends’ and then, yip you guessed it, move the ’smsdigital’ one over into it. We now just need to upload the ’recommends’ folder to our webspace.

Why Use A TinyURL On Your Salespage?

I recently came across this on a few salespages that I’d visited for various reasons, and thought… “Hey, come on, are you NOT trying to act professional?!”- Don’t get me wrong though, there is a time and a place to go using services, this however isn’t one of them!

Now we all appreciate that if you are using a service such as ClickBank, then the payment link will ALWAYS look something like but believe it or not, there still is a way to make things look professional here!

Look, does that redirects to that same ClickBank payment link not look 10 times better? I have mentioned several times now about making your links look and feel professional. But it’s true, and you’ll see marketers like John Thornhill and Lee McIntyre use this very same technique. So why not go and follow something that works?…

The only difference here with the code is that instead of your affiliate link being inserted, you simple use the payment url. Then instead of saving it as an index.php file, you can go and use order.php and link to that from your salespage.

As I mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, DON’T go and use a TinyURL as the payment link on your salespage! It’s going to put more people off, than it will encourage them to make a purchase. Don’t make the same mistake others are making.

It’s The Taking Part That Counts!…Right?

Once again it’s another post that relates to the great weekend I had, mainly just on Saturday! And guess what, I was bowling again, but this time it was in a triples competition! (3 people in a team really!) There were 4 groups overall, each with 4 teams. The winner o each section would go through to the semi-finals and then the final if they make it.

While despite losing our very first game, we battled through to the semis and just scraped through into the final. (At this time, I was just fortunate that I’d made it this far!) In the final we got off to a good start that built up over the 6 ends we played. Eventually we came out winners with the score being 12-6. What a day of bowls that was!

For starters, I never actually expected to make it into the semi-finals, let alone the final. It’s as I always say though, it’s the taking part that counts! And that is true; all I was there to do was take part and have as much fun as I possibly could! (I think I managed to do that!)

Now instead of just talking about my weekend, I thought I’d throw in something that is marketing related. I spent 10 minutes yesterday (Sunday) thinking about it, and could only come up with one thing.

So what would that be, and how in marketing is this related?! Well what I came up with was a JV Competition. (I’m being serious!) We all know that marketing is fun on its own, but to be able to make an appearance in one of these competitions would just help boost your business far! OK, let me explain how I see it!…

The taking part in a JV Competition counts, but if you came out better than you started, then surely you’re a winner?! You’re having fun to start with, and promote the product to your list as you really did enjoy its quality, but if your name made it onto the leader board…then you’d have more than just something to laugh about. This would be a HUGE promotion for you, and could result in even more. It’s nothing to be sniffed at in my books!

If there’s any new product launches coming up soon, then why not jump on board and see how well you can do. If you don’t manage to make it onto the board, then you’ll have always made some commission hopefully!

When big marketers check out the status page or the JV Competition and spot an unusual name on it, then they’ll be watching to see what you do next. They would hopefully go and read more about you, which has the potential to be massive. I’d probably faint if someone like Jim Cockrum, Kevin Riley or John Thornhill (In fact any well known marketer!) asked me to review one of their products or even asked if we could do a simple JV.

They have spotted your name, and for you, it’s probably the best thing that happened to you! I know that’s the case for one UK marketer, Lee McIntyre, when he made 3rd in a JV contest. So what’s stopping you?

Having An Introductory Price For 7 Days Only?

Let’s face it, whenever you walk into your local supermarket, more often than not your hit with a special offer. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a supermarket! Whatever shop it is has a new product out on the market, and their giving you a deal if you decide to purchase within the first 7 days.

If we take Tesco as an example then they are always doing this, and we never think too much about it. However when it comes to a marketer offering a similar sort of offer, they always seem to get backlash for NO apparent reason!

This isn’t making much sense, and I see no difference.

I remember one occasion were Paula Brett released her Operation eBook, and John Thornhill made a blog post recommending it. (Why wouldn’t he, it’s a GREAT report!) He also mentioned a couple of times about the price increase after the 7 days. Well to cut a long story short, there was a sudden surge of comments coming from every part of the planet. It turned out into an interesting debate, and I think quite a few of us learned a thing or 2!

So WHY do us marketers decide to offer a new product at an introductory price? Well it’s quite simple if you think about it.

We are all about over-delivering, and providing quality to our subscribers/customers. If you can build on the relationship you have with your current subscribers, then they are more likely going to purchase further products and recommend them to their friends. Not to mention it might help you clinch that vital JV (Joint Venture) you have been longing to get.

If you recon that special offers are a scam, then what about ‘Buy One Get One Free’ or ‘3 For The Price Of 2?’ They are all an offer in their own way, and if you can offer a discount on your information product then why not?

When I go and register my domains, I search the internet for the latest discount coupon code. But why do that? We’re all out to grab a bargain from time to time, and if you really want the product then you’ll buy it. Whither you get the discount or not!

The next time you launch a new product, why don’t you think about offering an introductory price? At the end of the day, we’re just an online shop selling our products. Nothing much diferent than a shop in the high-street doing the very same.

(Have your OWN opinion, then post a comment expressing what you think!)

Always Remember To Back-Up Your Files!

This topic crops up more often that not, and we always seem to read about it every other day! So if you haven’t gathered what I’m talking about yet, then it’s to do with backing-up your files and folders.

I learned the hard way yesterday when I was working on my new blog theme! I was in the middle of editing the stylesheet and must have accidentally deleted most of it without ever noticing a thing! So I carried on as normal, and clicked the ‘Update’ button and then refreshed the screen (Ctrl + R) to take a look at the changes, and boy did they look a little strange this time!

So at first I wondered what on earth had happened and went back to undo the change I’d just made in the stylesheet. (At that point, I thought that changing the ‘padding’ had caused the problem!) I scrolled down and then it hit me, at least half the stylesheet was missing! :(

Sorting this problem was going to take me a good few hours, and possibly even more. I spent the time getting things back to normal (Although some parts still need work done on them today!), and I refresh the page once again hoping that things are back on track. But NO there was still a problem somewhere and I just couldn’t find it. I was almost ready to call the experts in because of it!

It got to the point were I had to start from the top, and work my way down. I remembered that I was doing something in the header.php file and so I checked there first. BANG! – I found the problem in 2 mins flat! It turned out that I had an extra </div> tag were I shouldn’t have. (Talk about bad luck?!)

The main point I’m trying to make is if I’d had a back-up, then I could have just re-uploaded that and been able to get on with my modifications. Instead I had to get this sorted. (While I’m here, the new theme will be with us pretty soon. It all depends on when I get it complete. HEHE)

I learned the hard way with this, but imagine if you lost EVERYTHING in your hosting account or even your Aweber signups! I can guarantee now, that it wouldn’t be a very nice sight!…

So spend 10 minutes now and go back-up your files and folders! :D

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