A Weekend Of Fun, Fun And Fun!

For once I can safely say that I was out having fun the past 2 days. There was absolutely nothing business-like that took place, except a nice quiet chat with a few people on Saturday night!

You see I’m into bowling, and no it’s not ten-pin bowling either! For all the UKers out there, this can often be called ‘Crown Green Bowls.’ And before anyone says that it’s an old grannies sport, I’d ask you to think twice! At our club, we have quite a few youths who do very well and there are even a couple who play for Scotland. Sadly I’m not in that ’section’ anymore, but there are plenty more opportunities for me!

Anyway, enough about them! LOL

On Saturday I got up about lunchtime and had something to eat then headed out to watch a very big tournament taking place at the club. I was helping out with the big scoreboard, but as I’d already planned to go and watch, I really didn’t mind as I could do both! After a few soft-drinks, it felt as if the day flew by and before I knew it…the party had started. It was nice to talk with the players and have a few games of pool! (I’d like to say that I’m amazing, but some would just say good!) And no I wasn’t out until all hours!

Then came Sunday, the day that I was playing in an open tournament. Much as I’d like to win from time to time, its the taking part that I enjoy the most! You really do have a good laugh with the usual crowd that arrive to play. From youngsters to O.A.P.s!

So all in all I had a great weekend, and hope you did too! I’m no were near the stage were I only need to do 3 days of work and have the money rolling in, but it’s still nice to have the weekends to yourself! And there are plenty more weekends were that came from!

What a relaxing way to finish the week!

Talk About Branding For D9 Hosting!

Over on one of my favourite forums (Standing Start Profits), Dan Thompson posted a picture of his football team and you’ll never guess what the tops looked like! I said, “Trust them to do this!”

(But before I tell you though, Dan is co-owner of D9 Hosing, so you can maybe see were this is going!)

These football tops are unique and one of a kind, the only way you’d be able to get your hands on one would be contacting Dan and asking him, were he might send you one out! And just the same as any other football team out there, they all have a sponsor, well Dan’s football team is no different! You’ll find that D9 Hosting are actually sponsoring the team, but it’s also another way getting your links ‘out there’ branding your company.

While it is a very small way, just imagine if they made it onto the TV! ;)

Anyway, it’s pretty cool don’t you think?! (Well I think so!) Just imagine the possibility of what you could do!…

I suppose I should find out the REAL reason they did this (I’ll see what can be done!)

20+ Draft Posts All Coming Your Way Very Soon

Just a short post today and yeah, you read that title right!

I literately have just over 20 draft posts sitting here half written, and I never got round to finishing off writing them, and publishing! So now you all know about this, I’m going to head over to them right now and start getting them finished and published on this blog over the coming weeks and months. :D

Plus I’ll let you into a secret right this minute! Your going to find out about the ‘ITUS‘ bug that’s going around and how you can stop yourself becoming infected by it! So watch this space as they say! :P

Sledgehammer And This Computer!

As a marketer, do you ever get the feeling that things just aren’t going to plan for you? (Or in my case, NEVER going to plan!) I mean, who really wants a slow computer that sometimes doesn’t even start?!

So from that, you can probably guess, things over here at Mark-McWilliams.com aren’t going well!

If I’m being totally honest, then I just want to head outside ino the garden shed and bring back a sledgehammer that’s locked away and use it on this PC! While it could be down to me having far too much stuff on it, I do still feel that it should be working better than it actually is!…

What should it be then? Should I start gutting this machine and remove all the rubbish stored on it, or just go ahead and purchase a brand new one? (I quite like the second option there, I don’t know about you?)

With me, it comes down to just placing items in any old spot. I mean, if you could see my desktop…then you’d know what cluttered looked like! :P

(A new machine or not? You decide!…)