A Weekend Of Fun, Fun And Fun!

June 2, 2008 · Print This Article

For once I can safely say that I was out having fun the past 2 days. There was absolutely nothing business-like that took place, except a nice quiet chat with a few people on Saturday night!

You see I’m into bowling, and no it’s not ten-pin bowling either! For all the UKers out there, this can often be called ‘Crown Green Bowls.’ And before anyone says that it’s an old grannies sport, I’d ask you to think twice! At our club, we have quite a few youths who do very well and there are even a couple who play for Scotland. Sadly I’m not in that ’section’ anymore, but there are plenty more opportunities for me!

Anyway, enough about them! LOL

On Saturday I got up about lunchtime and had something to eat then headed out to watch a very big tournament taking place at the club. I was helping out with the big scoreboard, but as I’d already planned to go and watch, I really didn’t mind as I could do both! After a few soft-drinks, it felt as if the day flew by and before I knew it…the party had started. It was nice to talk with the players and have a few games of pool! (I’d like to say that I’m amazing, but some would just say good!) And no I wasn’t out until all hours!

Then came Sunday, the day that I was playing in an open tournament. Much as I’d like to win from time to time, its the taking part that I enjoy the most! You really do have a good laugh with the usual crowd that arrive to play. From youngsters to O.A.P.s!

So all in all I had a great weekend, and hope you did too! I’m no were near the stage were I only need to do 3 days of work and have the money rolling in, but it’s still nice to have the weekends to yourself! And there are plenty more weekends were that came from!

What a relaxing way to finish the week!

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