Setup A Blog In 5 Simple Stages

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing online, marketing, graphics, programming, I think you should always create a blog. If anything, at least to showcase your work. Which is what I’m going to talk about today!

STAGE 1 – Before you think about hosting, we need to acquire our very own domain, of which I’d go for as I have mentioned before in another post.

In some cases it’s more appropriate to go with something else yes, sometimes a business name, even just using an existing domain!

STAGE 2 – Without any hosting, you’ll not get anywhere fast, although it’s not going to break the bank either. To start with, we just need some shared hosting. I’m sure you all know I use D9Hosting although another favourite is HostGator!

MySQL Database WizardSTAGE 3 – Now we need to go and create a MySQL Database, which stores ALL our information. So you first need to login to cPanel, or whatever your hosting service has, and make your way to MySQL Database Wizard.

You next just fill out the fields with whatever information suits best and continue onto the next screen. To which more details need filled in! On the screen after that you need to join the user to the database, before receiving a successful notice. And that’s that!

STAGE 4 – Download the latest version of WordPress from to your desktop (Easier to work with that way!), and extract! Using the information you used to create the database, we need to insert that into the wp-config-sample.php file!WordPress ConfigurationYou then save it as wp-config.php allowing WordPress to connect to the database!

Time now to upload all those files either to the root directory or a sub-folder such as /blog/ if you’re using an existing domain?

So using a FTP Client such as FileZilla, enter the details your host will provide, and connect! – This allows you to upload files and even download them too!

Visit the location of the files you just uploaded, and WordPress will present you with an installation screen. Enter all the required information, then click next. In fact, if there was a problem to start with, WordPress would tell you about it!

Carry on with the installation as normal, and you’ll receive some default admin login details. That’s when you know WordPress is successfully installed!

STAGE 5 – Login, and start posting to your hearts content!

And there we have it, a simple tutorial showing you how to setup a blog in 5 simple stages, I hope it helped? Keep your eyes peeled on a followup post telling you how to modify the look of your blog! :D

Why Do I Use To Host My Websites?

I’m sure you know when it comes to finding the right hosting company for the job, more often than not, it’s harder than you first thought. Because this is an important aspect of your business, I wouldn’t rush into it and join the first site I found!

Host Unlimited Domains

When I first started online, I was lucky enough to meet Dan Thompson and Paula Brett before they even started D9. So I guess that helped me slightly when making the decision to invest in their service.

The first and foremost reason for using D9Hosting is down to their customer service, you simply can’t fault it! When I say it’s out of this world I mean it, they go above and beyond to look after their current customers along with potential customers too!

All fair and well a hosting company hosting your site, I mean that’s their job isn’t it? But when you perhaps encounter a problem that could be server related, you instantly want to be able to contact them and KNOW you’ll get an answer back as soon as possible. With D9Hosting, you will never have a problem getting support!

If I had to rate their customer service out of 10, I’d give them 12! :D

On Monday (29th June) just past, Dan and Paula unveiled the new design they had been working on, which I’m a real fan of BTW! And with that brought a whole host of new additions, such as a VPS package, Hybrid package and Dedicated Server package. Before you had to ask about these kind of things, now you can order them straight off the site!

Unless you really need those packages, then I would stick to the normal shared hosting package until your business reaches that stage were upgrading would be a smart move.

Now I’m maybe straying slightly off the topic of this article, so we’ll get back on track by listing some of the main features over on D9Hosting!

  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Databases
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • FREE Site Transfer
  • 99.9% Uptime

Being honest though, instead of listing what D9 has, it’d be easier listing what D9Hosting doesn’t have! And off the top of my head, I really can’t seem to think of anything at the moment!

In fact, going back a paragraph or two, another thing I like is the fact that they are ALWAYS improving the service making our overall experience much more pleasant!

Did I mention D9Hosting is reasonably priced too, if you take out the 24 month deal then that works out at $7.95 a month, now that’s a deal and a half in my books! Even if you could only afford the 12 month deal, it’s still working out cheaper than other hosting businesses!

Why not head on over to and have a good look around the new site, also checking out what current customers think of the hosting service. (If you look close enough, you might spot my ugly mug on the testimonials page!)

If you are interested and would like to signup today, tomorrow or in the future then you can get a 10% discount if you use MARKMCWILLIAMS as the coupon code during checkout that I have had setup for you! :D And that’s all from me, I’m sure you can see how much I enjoy the service!