The Jing Project Goes PRO

I’m well aware that some of you may or may not already know about this, but on January 6th 2009, TechSmith released a PRO version of Jing. (Yes I’m a whole 12 days late in telling you!)

The original version of this software, which is still available, can be downloaded for FREE from the website. But for just $14.95 per year, you can grab the PRO version. And for anyone who wants to know, it boils down to 28.8 cents a week!

If Camtasia Studio is out of your budget, then Jing would be a great solution for you. Now I’ll admit it, Jing does come with limitations. I’m pretty sure that TechSmith only set Jing up as a little project, don’t know where I get that idea from, and it’s really taken off! – A good chance there will be more information over on their blog.

Check out the full list of features along with screenshots and descriptions!

Because the Jing Project seems to be going from strength to strength, and with many users requesting some new features, it would seem appropriate for TechSmith to release another version. And while there is a PRO version out, I still believe that both versions will still be updated over time. :D

Are you a Jing user?… Let me know in the commets section below!

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4 Responses to “The Jing Project Goes PRO”
  1. Hi Mark,

    I’ve had a play around with Jing, not tried the PRO version, but think I’m going to splash out in a couple of weeks and get Camtasia. I’ve been using the trial of Camtasia and it has everything you could possible want been trying to get as many videos done as I can in the 30 days. My advice get started with Jing and use it till you need something more, then download the trial of Camtasia and record as many quality videos as you can.

    Was also thinking of giving Adobe Captivate a shot too, anyone else used that? Not sure it is worth more than double Camtasia tho.

    Cheers. Harry

    • Like you Harry, I’ve had a little play about with Jing. But I also downloaded Camtasia Studio for it’s 30-day trial! It’s bound to be up now though, but it’s what I used when I created my first ever video! :D

      You’re advice is what I would have said too, about using Jing until you need something more than what it offers! I’ll soon be investing in Camtasia Studio myself, as I really did find it great when creating that video.

      Sadly I can’t assist you with Adobe Captivate, but I’m off for a look to see what it’s like. But still, I’d most likely recommend Camtasia Studio even if the other did a few more things.


  2. Garry Parkes says:

    Hi Mark,

    Just like to personally thank you on your blog for popping over to my site and adding the comment about the SEO problem talked about in my post. It’s certainly seems to have baffled all the ‘experts’ and no one has come up with an acceptable answer yet :-(

    However, you certainly cleared up the confusion about the hacking issue but it’s been added to since your last visit. Appreciate any further feedback if you are able to shed any more on the matter.

    Thanks very much,

    Garry Parkes

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