A Very Merry Christmas To You All!

Ho Ho Ho!

Ho Ho Ho!

Today being Christmas Eve, I just wanted to take a quick 5 minutes to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!…

(Hasn’t 2008 just gone quick?)

Now as always, I plan on stuffing myself full of Turkey, and not to mention everything else we have at the same time too! I mean isn’t that the whole point of having a Turkey? ;)

It’s also that time of the year where I watch all these films the BBC so kindly put on for us! That does also includes any of the other channels such as ITV. And so far, the line-up isn’t too bad!

Please do enjoy yourself over the festive period. I’ll either be back with a couple of blog posts to end the year on a high, or just catch you in January 2009! I’d like to THANK YOU for being a loyal subscriber/reader and look forward to working with you next year! :D

Keeping Your Old Scripts Up-To-Date Is Important!

It goes without saying that ANY script out there is going to be upgraded over time, and while some might have minor changes, there will be others that have massive updates. After all, the internet is changing almost every single day!

Now if you know me, and why shouldn’t you, then you’ll know that I really am a big fan of WordPress and talk about it were I can. Well I bet you’re never going to guess what they released last night while I was tucked up in my bed? ;)

…Yip, you guessed that one alright!

Last night was the night were Version 2.7 was released, and at 9:30 this morning, I upgraded Mark-McWilliams.com so that we were running the latest version. (And this is one version that I couldn’t wait to start using here!)

There are many reasons as to why people don’t upgrade old scripts. The main reason I’ve seen, and heard, is that they can’t be bothered and it’s too time consuming! Because of the new features in WordPress 2.7 I had to edit a few styles in the stylesheet, and change a .php file that incorporated the new coding. Now I do appreciate the fact that not everyone can do things as quick as I possibly can, but even if it took you 20 minutes to upgrade your blog, then is it not time well spent?

Out of all the script’s I’ve ever upgraded, they are either for bug fixes of because the owner has introduced some new features. It doesn’t matter if the script is free or not, why wouldn’t you want to make sure that the version you are using is functioning as it should, but also take advantage of anything new?

I keep saying it over and over again, but it really is important these upgrades get done, as soon as you possibly can. Why would the developer release a new version of the script, if it wasn’t fixing something of better? :P

It was only a few days ago that Sam (From DLGuard) sent me an email to say that there was a new version in the members area ready for me to download. A new payment processor had been added, and also a few bugs sorted out too.

Moving back to something I mentioned earlier about not being bothered, well why not see if you have a friend that wouldn’t mind doing the upgrade for you, or even asking the script owner?! But if neither of them sound right, you could always hire a freelancer from a site like ScriptLance.

So have you got a WordPress blog of your own?… (Well is it running on 2.7 yet?)

What kind of person are you when it comes to upgrading? Let me know in the comments below, and as a little challenge, see if you can spot one of the new 2.7 features!