Been Looking For A ClickBank Ad Rotator?

ClickBank Ad RoptatorIt was only about 3 weeks ago that I managed to grab this piece of software with my very hands! There were several reasons as to WHY I went and purchased this, but the main one was because I’d never found something I liked before.

OK maybe the fact that it’s another product from Dave Nicholson swayed me towards the decision as well, you never know!

Within minutes of paying, I instantly got access to the members area, and away I was playing with this new product. To cut a long story short, you input certain details into the form, and generate your code! – Not to mention, that before you generate your code, that you can in fact preview what your ad will actually look like. (Nice feature there Dave!) ;)

Now I’ve never used AdSense before, and if I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t even going to use it in the future. At least I don’t think I am! Over the time I’ve been online, I have read many a time when people start complaining about it. Every few weeks they login into their account, and to put it bluntly, they don’t see very much. (Everyone is literately fed-up because it’s taking months upon months to hit the $100 threshold! – The problem is the amount you earn from the clicks. Is this a similar kind of picture with YOUR account?)

Another thing people are often complaining about is how they are the latest one to be banned from placing the AdSense ads on their sites. At the amount of money I’d be earning, I would rather get rid of them myself than be told to taken them down!

The good news is that there IS an alternative, and this is were ClickBank Ad Rotator comes into play. CB Ad Rotator is a new script that has been developed over the last 6 months by Dave Nicholson and his team consisting of John Thornhill and Dan Sumner. This script is a direct replacement to AdSense, but if you like then you can always use both! – Look on the brighter side though, you’ll be able to earn more if the user clicks through and purchases the item. You can check out the comparison chart over on the site, and I’m sure you too will see the differences in a one week period of the two programs.

Because the ClickBank Ad Rotator uses the ClickBank marketplace to advertise commission based products which you will be affiliated too, your earnings potential is far far greater as you will see. Commissions for a product can be anything upto 75% of the product price. (This is a high end commission!) But to be realistic and honest, the average commission is usually set at 50%. So this means, for an average product sale from one lead worth $47, you will receive $23.50. Out of a little curiosity, how long would that take you to earn from AdSense? (I’m guessing that it would take loo long!)

Dave and his team of trusty men, have spent a long time and a lot of effort creating this alternative to make people like you, and me, a little more automated income from our websites. (It’s like Christmas has come early!) – Don’t miss out today!

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