What Do Comment’s Say About Your Posts?

So you’ve got the blog all setup and it’s filling up nicely with new fresh content, but that’s it?! You sometimes don’t even know if people are visiting and if they are enjoying what you write. Everyone gets that feeling, and I’ve had it before! While you may be driving loads of traffic, is there anyone out there that appreciate what you have spent that particular afternoon writing.

The topic I’m on about is comments. I love it when I’ve just posted something new on Mark-McWilliams.com and a few hours later when I check back in, I find that a few people have commented and added some value to the post in question.

I visit Robert Plank’s whenever he posts something new, and was really fasinated when he came up with this kind of rule. Now at first it a little strange, but with the amount of posts that can be found on his blog now, I can actually see why Robert did this! It’s called ‘The 10-Comment Rule‘ and can be found at the link on the left(ish!)

Comments will hopefully encourage new visitors to comment for their first time, and not only show other people that it’s a blog that gets visited often, but just add loads of value for everyone to see.

Now for that comment rule, is it required or not? Well I encourage all my readers to post a comment if they wish, I don’t force them into it, I don’t want to drive people away! Doing that would be pointless in my eyes as I could have just lost out on a potential new reader or even subscriber.

You’ll be glad to know that I won’t be implementing anything like this, although I’ve got nothing to do with what Robert is doing, and you are free to post a comment whenever (And if!) you like. I’ll always be posting new content whether I’ve received 4 comments or 44 comments!

Back to the content, and here’s an idea to generate comments for yourself!…

  • Have some unanswered questions, allowing the readers to answer the question for themselves. This is what could be classed as a call-to-action which encourages the reader to leave their thoughts and feelings.

In my last post, (Don’t You Just Hate It When People Won’t Reply?!) you can see that the title is asking my readers to tell me what they think! Before they even see what I’ve spent 30 minutes writing, you are getting them into the spirit were they WANT to reply.

There you have it. So what kind of ways to you like to encourage readers to post a comment on your blog. Do you just mention it at the end of each post, or just even turn your comments off completely. Now that’s something I wouldn’t do!

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10 Responses to “What Do Comment’s Say About Your Posts?”
  1. Robert Plank says:

    Hey Mark. Thanks for the shout out. I agree the 10 comment rule is freaking weird, it’s just something I tried randomly thinking nothing would come of it, but it’s never let me down…

    I think using my blog to build a mailing list was the best way to get people back to my blog and comment. (You’re already doing that, great sell on the mailing list on the top right of the screen by the way.)

    You could set your autoresponder welcome message to a “please comment on this blog post that doesn’t have enough comments yet”…

    You could give away a freebie in exchange for a blog post (Steven Schwartzman’s WPMagnet.com plugin)…

    You could ask internet marketing friends to post on the blog (esp. your existing top commenters on the sidebar like Keith, John, Carol, Robin, etc.)

    You could reply to every comment and then guess what? You only need 5 comments from people to meet your 10 comment quota.

    You could make it a 5 comment rule, reply to all comments and then you only need 3 comments…

    Write a similar article and post it to EzineArticles with a linkback directly to the blog entry… forum signatures… hubpages, squidoo, etc. You could really just go crazy.

  2. Randy Smith says:

    An intersteing post Mark…

    I love to see comments … but if I implemented Roberts rule – I doubt I would have another post made within months…lol

    And I ramble far too much to leave it alone now…hehe

    At the same time – I know some people just don’t like to comment… crikey – I have a forum filled with solid advice and helpful comments and posts – but there are still far more lurkers than posters…Even though posting is a sure fire way of building relationships and getting to know people…

    Most would still rather lurk in the shadows and let others ask their questions for them.

    It’s a strange world I guess!


  3. Daniël de Mos says:

    Hi Mark,

    As a frequent visitor of several interesting blogs, I think commenting on a post would depend on the subject.

    Mostly when I read a subject I think: “Well hey, thanks for the great info”, and at other times, just like now, it invites to leave a comment.

    So when it’s just an informative post, I read it and move on.

    However, when it invites to discuss and/or vent my opinion, I’ll react on it.

    What would be the use of reacting on just anything just for the sake of reacting on itself?



  4. @ Robert – That 10-comment rule is almost unique to your blog, and I must say that you’ve done great to still have people commenting day in and day out! I must admit the first day I spotted this rule, I thought…is Robert Plank on the same planet as the rest of us. ;)

    Now as you mention in your comment, there are many things that you could change. I like to reply to any comments left anyway, as this gives you the opportunity to interact with your visitors/subscribers. Even, as you say, changing it from 10 comments to 5.

    Thanks for stopping by Robert, and see you around.

    @ Randy – Yeah, I can see what your saying. I myself won’t lurk in the shadows for the simple matter, that is you can answer others questions, provide lots and lots of good quality posts then you can drive some traffic to your blog/site in your signatures.

    Anyway, back onto the post! :P You can see that Robert left a few ideas at the end of his comment, and I might go and try a few of them out. And as you mentioned in the first sentence, it will be interesting!…

    @ Daniël – It’s amazing how different people react, and I mean this in a nice way! I know a few people who would come accross an informative post, and they’d thank the owner for posting it!

    I for one like when people come and comment, voice their opinion, and just add their $0.02 to the discussion. When I’m reading other blogs, I tend to comment 80% of the time.

    Everyones different!


  5. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the post as I have wondered how in the heck can I get people to comment.

    I do have quite a few readers which I am totally thankful for but would still like to see what is on their mind and if the thought the post had any value.

    You hit the nail on the head by saying ” Ask a question”

    Thank you,


  6. @ Al – Nice to see you, and glad I could help you out in some way or another!…


  7. Hey Mark,

    Yeah, I must admit I have not commented as much as I should have for a while, but it is purely down to time! I am going to see somebody about lengthening a day by a few hours! ;-)

    Later ..


  8. Hi Mark

    Well I figured it would be rude not to comment on this post :smile:

    I too love it when people comment on my blog. It’s great to feel like you’ve got a community rather than just one-way communication, and sometimes the comments are more insightful than the posts I make myself :lol:

    Looking at it from the other angle, commenting on other people’s blogs really is a great source of traffic. When I look at my Google Analytics stats I’m always amazed how much traffic a single comment can generate – quite often months later.

    Keep up the blog and I’ll try and comment when I can :cool:


  9. @ Dave – You’ve not commented as much as you should of?! (Shakes head! LOL) Well I’m very thankful for you taking the time out of your 26 hour day to pop by and leave me a little comment! :D

    @ Daniel – I remember commenting on someones blog about 6 months back, and at that point, it had just started. A few weeks back, I spotted in my analytics account that I had been visited a number of times all through that comment!

    The strangest thing is that I can’t even remember what on earth I said?! OH well, let’s just go and check that out again!

    I’ll definately keep posting content on the blog Dan, there is no point in starting one and doing nothing with it. As someone told me before, you’d be better off getting rid of it!



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