What Do Comment’s Say About Your Posts?

So you’ve got the blog all setup and it’s filling up nicely with new fresh content, but that’s it?! You sometimes don’t even know if people are visiting and if they are enjoying what you write. Everyone gets that feeling, and I’ve had it before! While you may be driving loads of traffic, is there anyone out there that appreciate what you have spent that particular afternoon writing.

The topic I’m on about is comments. I love it when I’ve just posted something new on Mark-McWilliams.com and a few hours later when I check back in, I find that a few people have commented and added some value to the post in question.

I visit Robert Plank’s whenever he posts something new, and was really fasinated when he came up with this kind of rule. Now at first it a little strange, but with the amount of posts that can be found on his blog now, I can actually see why Robert did this! It’s called ‘The 10-Comment Rule‘ and can be found at the link on the left(ish!)

Comments will hopefully encourage new visitors to comment for their first time, and not only show other people that it’s a blog that gets visited often, but just add loads of value for everyone to see.

Now for that comment rule, is it required or not? Well I encourage all my readers to post a comment if they wish, I don’t force them into it, I don’t want to drive people away! Doing that would be pointless in my eyes as I could have just lost out on a potential new reader or even subscriber.

You’ll be glad to know that I won’t be implementing anything like this, although I’ve got nothing to do with what Robert is doing, and you are free to post a comment whenever (And if!) you like. I’ll always be posting new content whether I’ve received 4 comments or 44 comments!

Back to the content, and here’s an idea to generate comments for yourself!…

  • Have some unanswered questions, allowing the readers to answer the question for themselves. This is what could be classed as a call-to-action which encourages the reader to leave their thoughts and feelings.

In my last post, (Don’t You Just Hate It When People Won’t Reply?!) you can see that the title is asking my readers to tell me what they think! Before they even see what I’ve spent 30 minutes writing, you are getting them into the spirit were they WANT to reply.

There you have it. So what kind of ways to you like to encourage readers to post a comment on your blog. Do you just mention it at the end of each post, or just even turn your comments off completely. Now that’s something I wouldn’t do!

Don’t You Just Hate It When People Won’t Reply?!

It’s not something I like to do, but I feel it has to be said. Now some of you ARE going to agree or disagree with me, but it’s something that I’ve noticed!… So YES, there is a little rant up ahead!

You know when you’re walking down the high-street and you walk past someone who you know very well, and you say ‘hello’ to them but get no reply in return! They just completely ignore you and continue on with whatever they were doing. (You’ll see were I’m going in a minute!)

Now when someone does that to me I don’t get upset, but you feel that you’ve done something wrong or along those lines. If someone says hi to me, then I’ll always say hello back to them. I mean, why not?!

The same thing applies to emails! Firstly I don’t lose any sleep over this, but it’s the fact that you’ve gone to the effort to contact someone and they can’t be ***** to send you a reply! (The worst thing is when you also have a direct email to them and still don’t get a reply!)

As I’ve said before, I’m not the kind of person who likes to pester people with emails. If I send an email to someone, then I’d hope they could get back to me so that I can address what they’d like, and email them back with an update.

I have a helpdesk for all my support issues, and I receive notification of when a new ticket has been submitted. It’s got nothing to do with this kind of help and support.

Another way of looking at this issue in the offline world is job applications! 99.9% of the companies you apply to, can’t even be bothered to tell you that they have received your information. It could be lost, and there really isn’t anything you can do.

Have you had the same kind of situation happen to yourself, and felt the exact same as I do?! I know a few people are looking to cut their emails down to virtually none, but I can’t really see how that is completely possible. Maybe it’s just they way I like to work, although I do check my emails too many times everyday.

Enjoy your weekend when it comes!

My Abduction By Alien’s Is True!

As most of you already know (Or maybe you don’t?!), I’ve not been as active as I usually am, or at least liked to be! I’ve almost been neglecting you guys and gals, and it really has to stop. I enjoy helping people out and that’s why I have something special planned, so keep reading!

You see, at the moment we are going through that phase of redecorating the house. Whenever we do this, I ALWAYS get landed with the painting of the ceilings. LOL If we happen to get any new furniture then it needs someone to build it, and you’ll never guess who gets that job to do too?…ME!

(Not to mention the fact that the Olympics have started and I’ve been watching some of it in the small hours of the morning! This means that half my day is away cause I get up around lunch time!)

So back to this alien!… :mrgreen:

An important lesson I learnt through, is that when you ARE at the computer, it really is time to ‘work’ and actually get done what you need to. Produce products, write articles, new blog post or even create a broadcast message for your mailing list!

…What alien?!

However what have I managed to get done in the past week or so that I did plan to do? That I’m not actually quite sure! :(

For starters, I was hoping to have completely finished the writing for my Support System Simplified report. I still have a few things that I need to decide for it as well. Like should I sell it, or just give it away for free. There are pros and cons for each, but I would like to have affiliates to promote it for me, but I’d like to create a list from it too.

Another thing I was wanting to do, was repackage some PLR that I have. (It would be a great way to help drive some traffic towards this blog, and various other resources. When they become viral, you know it’s hopefully going to be something good!) Now the trouble I came accross here was that I couldn’t actually find the PLR on my hard-drive. Talk about a bit of bad luck! HEHE

That’s only 2 things I never got done, there are plenty of others!

Fortunately the redecorating is basically complete and it’ll be back to normal until next time! I’m just hoping that my room isn’t getting done, more work!

Onto that special I mentioned in the first paragraph! If you want me to cover something specific in an up-and-coming blog post, then just submit me a ticket at http://www.AskMarkNow.com and I’ll do my very best to get one sorted out!

The Final 2 Marketing Tools (Part IV)

We’ve had Part 1 which talked about RoboForm and OpenOffice. Then Part 2 that covered Google Analytics, FileZilla along with The WarriorForum. Meanwhile in Part 3, we talked about Blogger, WordPress.com and WordPress.org – So what’s the last 2 going to be about?!…

9. ClickBank

This service gets some mixed emotions from people, and some of the time I really don’t know why they are talking about it in that kind of way! Now ClickBank is FREE if all you’re planning on doing is promoting products, if you want to sell one of your own, then you’ll need to have it approved and pay $50. (However at the moment, I’m only talking about promoting products!)

ClickBankAll you simply need to do is go and signup for an account. It’ll take you 5 – 10 minutes at most, and means that you can easily promote whatever product you like that can be found in the MarketPlace. (Perfect if you’ve got a blog or something similar and want to make a little cash from promoting the odd product here and there!)

With ClickBank, they handle the commission and send cheques out on the 1st and the 16th of each month. (They have just recently opened up a Direct Deposit service which you can signup to when you’ve reached the required terms started by CB themselves!)

10. NVU (HTML Editor)

Whenever I’m usually building my webpages, then 80% of the time I use Microsoft FrontPage. The only reason for that is because of me using it way before I came accross NVU.

However there is 20% of the time when I like to use NVU. I guess it depends what I’m wanting to do, sometimes it just works for you and other times you really need to stick with what you know best! ;)

NVU is completely free, and I’d suggest you go give it a try. It’s just as I mentioned in the paragraph above, go with something that you fell you’re going to like and work well with. FrontPage and NVU both work well for me, and I find they help me perfectly. Imagine having to hand-code all the HTML for your webpage?! (It’s almost hard to believe that people used to do that! In fact people STILL do this, and I can’t quite get my head around it!)

That’s it blog readers! Did you enjoy them? – Let me know in the comments below what you think, and if you’ve got anything to add then just fire away!

Did You Just Say PLR? (Grab Something For FREE Today Too!)

Time definitely does fly when you’re busy, doesn’t it?! I mean the last thing I knew was that it was Tuesday, however on expecting the calendar, it’s actually early Saturday morning! (Just gone 1am not so long ago!)

I have 2 thing I want to tell you about today, the first being a FREE product! It all started when Alex Jeffreys asked me if I’d like to review his latest product creation. (While it didn’t all quite happen in that order, so to speak, it’s roughly what happened!)

The FREE product in question, Post Launch Profits Secrets, in my eyes is a very worthy read. With the term that we read almost 24/7 ‘The Money Is In The List’, well Alex basically takes this very concept and explains how anyone can create a list. It’s not just any list either, but one that’s highly responsive!

You not only get a PDF of the audio provided to you for FREE, but Alex takes you by the hand describing just how he found out about this proven money making system. Without having to pay the thousands of dollars that Alex did, you can find out in great detail how to actually do it yourself! (I plan on reading over the PDF another couple of times, to take in all the information!)

Michael Cheney is along-side Alex during the audio who also gives some invaluable insights into the very same money making system that makes him millions too.

Now if you’d like to read more, then please head on over and download your very own FREE copy today!

== >> http://www.mark-mcwilliams.com/free/plpsecrets

It’s now time for that PLR I was talking about!

My good friends, Dave Nicholson and Dan Sumner, have been tucked away working like little beavers for the past few weeks. It’s more like the past month, but I’m not going to start a debate on that issue! ;)

The topic of PLR! – Well were do you want me to start?

At this present moment there are 3,390,000 results when you do a search for ‘plr’ in Google. So as you can see, there really is a huge demand for this type of material. Now what I really hate is all this ‘re-hashed’ stuff that keeps appearing. It really is a pain, and I wish people would stop it!

So when I’m looking for some PLR, then it has to be quality. I want to make my job 10 times easier to repackage the product and start selling it as my own! (Who doesn’t?!)

When I came accross PLR Monthly I knew this was going to be it! Complete quality right at my fingertips!

If you know me well enough, then I could probably sit all day talking about this topic but I have a bed to go to. Dave and Dan really know their stuff and provide you with both video tutorials as well as text ones. ALL the angles have been covered, just by going that extra mile!

== >> http://www.mark-mcwilliams.com/recs/plrmonthly

Let me know what you think, and I’ll be in touch soon! It’s not everyday that I get excited about new products just launched, so don’t lose out today!