Blogger, WordPress Or WordPress? (Part III)

The weekends are flying by here at and it feels like yesterday since my last blog post. But as promised, I’m here with part 3! It was only Wednesday past that we published Part 1. And on Friday, Part 2 went out!

So without keeping you waiting any longer, lets get started!…

6. Blogger

When you get started out online, money is sometimes an issue. Now what I mean by that, is you don’t have the funds just yet to purchase a domain and some web hosting. That’s when comes in handy! allows you to create a blog online in just a matter of minutes. Not even that…it’s more like seconds!

Now, a little story for you. Way back in 2007 (Sometime in January I think!) I was so pleased to have created my Blogger blog, that I thought I ruled the world. The only trouble was that the big boss didn’t like something I had said.

First of all, it was stupidity on my part! Blogger is a perfect tool to get you started blogging online, however you don’t actually own the blog. Let me explain, the only things you can really do is write posts. It’s ‘hosted’ by Blogger, and if they decide to do something then you just have to go along with it. (Sadly!)

So to get started, Blogger is GREAT! Go check it out today. :D


Now we’re getting a little closer to what I like best!

Again this is a site were you can freely setup a blog and start blogging to your hearts content. But as with Blogger, you don’t actually own the blog. (I know this sounds really strange, but I suppose it’s just life right?!)

With you get a lot more features that what is available through Blogger. At the end of the day, it’s up to you what one you intend going with. I’ve tried both out, but you can’t beat a self-hosted blog! It’s true though, and I don’t think I’ll ever turn back.



WordPress.orgA self-hosted blog you say? Well you really can’t get any better than that! – You can see here that is a WordPress blog that I own. (I can pretty much do whatever I like!) :)

If you have a host, then I’d really suggest you go down this route.

There are many advantages to this, one being that it can’t just get deleted by someone who at the end of the day is only trying to do their job. Many successful people work with self-hosted blogs each and everyday.

Do you want to one of those successful people?

If you haven’t already checked out the site then what’s stopping you. It’s a goldmine of information, tips, advice and much much more. You can’t go wrong with blogging and WordPress.

And that’s it, part 3 complete! So what did you think?

There are going to be some people who might question my reasoning for regarding WordPress and Blogger as Marketing Tools…but the simple fact is, they are simply amazing tools. Without them, how could I be here typing this today?!

Google Analytics, FileZilla And The Warrior Forum (Part II)

On Wednesday I started off with The Top 10 Marketing Tools I Couldn’t Go Without! and as promised, I’m back with part 2! (If you enjoyed the first 2 tools, then I think you’ll love the next 3!)

Up first we have?!…

3. Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsThis 100% FREE piece of software provided by Google is really out of this world! I mean, it’s a fantastic piece of kit for tracking purposes.

When inside your account, some of the stats are just truely amazing.

All you’re required to do is insert some code on the website that you are tracking. If the site’s built up with only 5 pages then make sure the same code is on ALL 5 of those pages. (You’ll begin to see some figures in your account 24 hours after it’s found the tracking script!)

Got a WordPress blog? Well this also works on that too, in fact, I have Analytics installed on my blog right now. I have for some time actually! You will just need to stick the code into the footer.php file and every single post & page will be tracked and you can view the results.

I bet you’ll be surprised the first time you use it! Go and get yourself signed up, then see some results tomorrow.

4. FileZilla

FileZillaWhen I first got started online, some people would go on about FTP software and at that point, all you got from me was a puzzled look!

Getting that first site online is vital, and you can see my first site was in fact this blog! While I wasn’t sure what to do for the first time, I just followed the very simple and clear instructions available.

FileZilla isn’t the only FTP software out there, but I love it. It’s so simple and easy to use, but it’s constantly being updated! (Another good one is SmartFTP!)

You really can’t go wrong with this! :D Download FileZilla today, and let me know what you think!

5. Warrior Forum

WarriorForumIf you’ve never visited the Warrior Forum before then you are missing out on a goldmine of information! Now some people would call me mad saying that the WF is a ‘tool’, but the matter of the fact is what it IS a great ‘tool’ and an amazing place to be a member of!

Some people go around slating it, and I really don’t have any idea why. Contribute to posts, start your own thread and start making relationships with many other marketers. You might even come accross some of your favourite ones, Kevin Riley, Jim Cockrum and a whole host more! (Lee McIntyre fans will be pleased too, you can find some amazing posts by this very guy around the forum!)

Don’t miss out on all this top quality information that you can access for FREE. When you’re signed up, don’t forget to come and say hello to me! ;)

Stay tuned for part 3 coming on Tuesday! Lets see what else I have cooking up my sleeve!

The Top 10 Marketing Tools I Couldn’t Go Without! (Part I)

When it comes to helping out the little man, then I always try my best! So for my readers today, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Marketing Tools that I personally use in and around my business. Sit back, enjoy the content, and let me know what you think!…

The best thing is that they are ALL FREE! :D

1. RoboForm

This piece of software is simply a time-saver! WHY? Well let me explain!…

RoboFormIf you’re anything at all like me, then you will probably have multiple usernames and passwords. Or you are the exact opposite, and use the same login information for absolutely EVERYTHING just so that you don’t forget the details! (Meaning that once someone gets a hold of your details for one site, you’re kinda in soapy bubble as they can now access every site!)

RoboForm solves all those problems. You simply install a small toolbar onto your web browser, and store all the information in there.

When you want to visit any site, anything from a forum to you’re blog admin, you just need to select it from the drop down menu and RoboFormwill log you straight in on the specific site. (Just one click of the button, and you’ve already save yourself a few minutes remembering what username and password goes with what!)

2. OpenOffice

This excellent piece of kit really deserves a post of it’s own! If you haven’t started using this, then please go and download it from before you go any further! (You’re already missing out!)

Now onto the benefits, I mean what makes this better than software you you actually have to pay for. What I’m getting at is Microsoft Office costs you a couple hundred dollars, and reading posts from people on various forums, proves my point.

To start things off, Microsoft Office doesn’t even allow you to create PDF’s. They want you to download stupid little extras for no apparent reason, which in return still messes up your overall guide that you thought would only take 5 minutes!

With OpenOffice, it actually comes with a PDF tool included. (If you’re looking for more info on that, take a look at this informative post showing you exactly how PDF your guide!)

I must admit that I haven’t tried, let alone used, Microsoft Office 2007! However going with the version I currently do have, OpenOffice definitely outweighs it! It makes me wonder sometimes WHY they don’t make us pay for it! (At the time of writing v3.0 is currently in beta, and looks to be an amazing new version! – I can’t wait to give it a try!)

Look out for Part II in the next few days, it’ll give you enough time to get started with the 2 resources listed above. :D

ClickBank Launch Direct Deposit & Improve The Admin Area

While checking my ClickBank account today, I noticed a few things that were a little different. Let me explain!…

They have now offically launched their Direct Deposit meaning that there is no need in emailing customer service anymore asking them to set you up! You simply change the settings in your admin area and save the changes!

ClickBank Direct DepositFirst of all, ClickBank require you to check the box for Direct Deposit! (Account Settings >> Payment Information Edit) - After that you need to enter your bank details into the section that pops up below.

All you need to enter is your Account Number along with the Sort Code. It’ll take you a matter of 10 minutes to setup, and if there is anything you don’t quite understand, then you can find some instructions provided in each section! :D

This is a GREAT improvement to ClickBank and it’s even better that we can change the setting ourselves! I bet there Customer Service were pretty busy before when they had to make the changes for us. The only way for ClickBank is up in my opinion!

Anyway if you haven’t already setup the Direct Deposits for your accounts, then what’s stopping you from doing it today?! (More info regarding the Direct Deposits can be found at their blog!)

Your Verdict On The New Blog Design Is?

So there ya have it! After the months and months of development, I’m glad to finally have it up and live. You can see that I’ve also included that logo I had designed way back in 2007.

Before I go anywhere though, many thanks go to my mate James Dyson! He owns and after a couple of emails, as well as Skype chats, James came up with this. I love it, and I hope you do too. [Thanks a lot mate!] :D

Whats new then?

Well as I mentioned above, I’ve include my logo that I’ll be using throughout my network of sites and products. This is a really simple way to help with branding, giving people a better chance of remembering who you are. Plus, does it really take you much to go that extra mile?!

Second is the new graphics. They do everything I want, and much much more. When I very first started this blog, I had a 2 column green theme. The worst thing was that the sidebar was on the right hand side! Surely you’d like the content there, and that’s the main reason I decided to change.

Along with that green theme, just having the one sidebar, it was VERY limited and meant that I couldn’t really do much with that either. My new theme has 3 sidebars and it’s great to see how much more you can add with all that extra space that is available. (You gotta love that right?!)

Now why did I go with a green/blue colour scheme? I created a thread over on SSP asking people to voice their opinion, and the majority voted for blue. Fair enough, but it wasn’t until Paula Brett mentioned how she really like my old theme that I thought about incorporating the pair. (James incorporated them better than I had in mind, as I was only expecting my logo to stay blue!)

All in all, I think it’s fantastic and would like to hear what you say on the subject matter too. Catch you all soon, and happy blogging!

No I Have Not Left The Country!

To start with, I do apologise for the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks! When you get started on something then it really is hard to stop and take some time out. What I’m talking about is when you start on a project you sometimes can’t stop until its complete.

Anyway I am working with a programmer called David on a new project that I have had in mind for absolute ages. In fact it’s unbelievable how long I’ve wanted to create this simple, yet great script. And the best thing is that it’s going to help out product owners. (OK so I did give you all a little hint, but whats wrong with that?!) ;)

Some good news too that the long lost Support System Simplified will be making a return. While ‘return’ might not be the right word to use here, it did kind of slip away when there were some changes to the script I was basing the step-by-step report on.

The good news is that I’m in the process of rewriting it and I’ll be giving it away for absolutely nothing! As I’m here, I may as well mention that there is a surprise at the end too! So keep a lookout for that!…

I have another few things here and there that will be launched, but they aren’t the type of products that require a huge launch. All will be revealed anyway, so keep your eyes peeled.