Has AWeber Shot Itself In The Foot?

Unless you’ve been away for the past week, then you should know that AWeber has recently changed their pricing plans and also implemented some new analytics tracking software. You can find out more on that by visiting the following link http://www.aweber.com/blog/new-features/email-analytics-overview.htm

Now there has been a lot of talk about the changes on various marketing forums, but I’ve only seen ones on the Warrior Forum. (Some of the comments made by certain people are quite interesting, and some are just not reading what HAS already been said!)

So knowing that John Thornhill has a massive list, I thought I’d ask him about the changes and all he said was…

Quote John Thornhill:
The pricing structure seems a little pricey. I don’t think I will be using this feature in a hurry.

…I really found this pretty interesting! But I’m sure John had a good look over the new features, and weighed up the pros and cons before making his decision!

This is were I put my spin on things, and look at it from a completely different angle. I’m going to look at it if your an existing customer and debating the upgrade.

Lets say you have 2,000 leads (subscribers) and before you had to pay $19.95 a month. You were quite happy with this, and therefore you don’t mind staying on this plan if you’d rather not upgrade.

With the new pricing plan it would cost you $29 a month instead! And if you carry out a simple calculation, then you only need to generate $0.0145 per subscriber each and every month to cover your AWeber costs! (To make things a little more easier, we could easily call that $0.02)

I do apologise now if you didn’t quite understand me there, but I would hope that you get the general idea that I’m trying to put accross.

Before I go though one of my favourite marketers (Lee McIntyre) has just produced a video explaining the reasons why he IS upgrading.

Check that video out today… Why I’m Happy About The AWeber Price Increase …And if anyone is planning to upgrade, or has already done so, then I’d love to know your reasons for doing so! :D

The New Blog Design Has Been Unleashed

So before I begin this post today, the design you see before you ISN’T a finished project! The only reason I unveiled the new design is because if I don’t then you won’t be able to keep tabs on what I’m doing!…

You can see that I have the general layout and design sorted, but doing this I can now ask you to give me your initial thoughts on it. In fact knowing John Szram, whenever he pops over to see this new design he’ll be telling me that I shouldn’t be doing any ‘live’ changes! (He’s true though, but I test the changes elsewhere first!)

And yeah, this is yet another short post! However look out for the new changes, and see if you can spot WHAT has been changed. (This could turn out into a little challenge, but I’ll see about that!)

The main aim today was to inform you on what I’ve been working on, and let you see the results!

Now That’s Why I Use Namecheap

A quick message today, just to update you on my last post.

Well from that last post, you can see how I couldn’t manage to register a domain name because it was apparently ’banned!’ So I headed over to NameCheap and decided to see if the ‘Domains’ department was on live support first, and to my amazement…they were! :D

I filled in their required details, and got given a nice person called Kate to handle my inquiry. I guess this is standard procedure but they still asked if I had enough money in my account to cover the domain, and also if I was renewing it or not. But hey, that only took me 2 minutes to answer!

As I had uploaded the screenshot for the first post, I thought I’d sent Kate the link so she could see what error I was receiving. (I wasn’t sure if it might help them out a little?!)

Within 5 minutes of checking the screenshot, I was told that they could register it manually for me. I thought GREAT, but I still wanted to find out why it was coming up when the actual domain isn’t banned itself. The response I got was, “It may contain a string of some banned characters!”

Fair enough, these domain registrar companies don’t want to be held accountable for maybe selling something that they shouldn’t have, so systems are put in place to stop proceedings.

They were even cheeky enough to make ME pay for it! :P And as I only had enough money to cover the domain with a coupon code discount, I sadly had to confirm the coupon code too! Grrr, what next would I have to do? Ask for my free WhoIs Guard that I’m entitled too?!?

(Oh, wait a minute…I did ask for that!)

Anyway putting all that aside me, I am officially the owner of that domain name and will be setting myself up a squeeze page quite soon. Just got a few things to complete first. :)

And The Problem With This ‘Banned’ Domain Is?

While I know I don’t normally ‘work’ at the weekends, I felt that I wanted to get a few little things complete so that I could start my week on a high. Well what I’m about to say, may have just dampened my spirits! :(

Shall I begin?!…

I never thought I would see the day were I go to register a domain name and find that it has been BANNED! Well guess what happened over at NameCheap today? Today was that very day, and to put it in a polite way, I’m not best pleased!

Just take a look at the screenshot below that I took, as some proof and just in case anyone told me that it was not a banned domain.

Banned Domain

From the image, you can see that all I was trying to do was register MarkMcWilliamsNewsletter.com and for some bizarre reason it tells me the domain is available, but when you reach the checkout, all I receive is that.

(A trip to NameCheap support is in order I think!…)

Ever since I got started online, I have used NameCheap for all my domains and this is the first problem I’ve ever had! While I should have contacted their support first, I just wanted to make this quick post for you! HEHE

This 5 minute job is probably going to turn into a couple of days, and means that I’ll have to drop the odd job and make this my priority. There is NOTHING stopping me from using http://www.mark-mcwilliams.com/newsletter/ for example, but I personally think the other looks a lot more professional, and cleaner.

I’ll definitely make sure to post the outcome of this, and if there does happen to be a valid reason WHY this domain has been banned, then you’ll find out for sure!

In a way, I am kinda shocked at the whole event! Any comments and/or suggestions you have will be much appreciated, just use the comments box below.

This could quite possibly turn into a very educational blog post! So keep your eyes peeled!… :D

Always Remember To Back-Up Your Files!

This topic crops up more often that not, and we always seem to read about it every other day! So if you haven’t gathered what I’m talking about yet, then it’s to do with backing-up your files and folders.

I learned the hard way yesterday when I was working on my new blog theme! I was in the middle of editing the stylesheet and must have accidentally deleted most of it without ever noticing a thing! So I carried on as normal, and clicked the ‘Update’ button and then refreshed the screen (Ctrl + R) to take a look at the changes, and boy did they look a little strange this time!

So at first I wondered what on earth had happened and went back to undo the change I’d just made in the stylesheet. (At that point, I thought that changing the ‘padding’ had caused the problem!) I scrolled down and then it hit me, at least half the stylesheet was missing! :(

Sorting this problem was going to take me a good few hours, and possibly even more. I spent the time getting things back to normal (Although some parts still need work done on them today!), and I refresh the page once again hoping that things are back on track. But NO there was still a problem somewhere and I just couldn’t find it. I was almost ready to call the experts in because of it!

It got to the point were I had to start from the top, and work my way down. I remembered that I was doing something in the header.php file and so I checked there first. BANG! – I found the problem in 2 mins flat! It turned out that I had an extra </div> tag were I shouldn’t have. (Talk about bad luck?!)

The main point I’m trying to make is if I’d had a back-up, then I could have just re-uploaded that and been able to get on with my modifications. Instead I had to get this sorted. (While I’m here, the new theme will be with us pretty soon. It all depends on when I get it complete. HEHE)

I learned the hard way with this, but imagine if you lost EVERYTHING in your hosting account or even your Aweber signups! I can guarantee now, that it wouldn’t be a very nice sight!…

So spend 10 minutes now and go back-up your files and folders! :D

The NEW Blog Is Getting Ever So Close!

Back in late January 08, you may remember that I mentioned how I was going to ‘beef’ up my blog in various ways. One of them being with a unique blog theme, and make myself stand out. :D

Well I’m glad to say that this is finally going to happen VERY soon. I’m hard at work, with a little help from Brian Gardner as well, customising one of the Revolution Themes. (Have I mentioned how much I love these themes?!) It should be finished in a matter of days, although I’d like to implement a few other things too! (You know what I’m like!)

So this is really just a quick post today to keep you informed on what’s happening! :P And if you have any suggestions on what YOU would like to see, then why not tell me in the comments below? (Is there a plugin that you feel I should have for the new design, or just naming the colour scheme?!)

I’ve yet to set a date on when I’ll launch the new design, but as always I’ll keep you informed! If I can get the main work complete, then I’ll try and grab you a screenshot of what the new design looks like!…

How Clean Is Your ‘Income Producing’ Office?

As we all know, the most important part of making your income online is by creating your own products right? Well I’d actually say YES and NO!

(Why you ask?)

Well I can phrase this several ways, but what about if I ask you this question… “What Do You Create The Products On?” Now that isn’t the only question I could have asked, but I hope you can see were I’m going with this?!

If it’s me, I feel that your computer plays a HUGE role in generating this income and it should therefore be kept in a good condition and not loaded up with what some people call junk. So most people will have a desk for their computer, that sits somewhere!

But were does that important desk of yours sit? For me at the moment, it’s kinda under the stairs as that’s the only place we have room for it! However, if I had my own way…then I’d have built myself an OFFICE in the attic/loft.

(Now onto the fun part!) How clean is your office? You would think that if it was nice, clean and tidy then you’d work harder. So if your looking at your office now, and don’t know were everything is…then you need to clean it out today! :D

My ‘office’ isn’t very tidy at all, but it isn’t very messy either! But what I really am after is a separate office with some units for me to keep all my important information in. (Another solution I might try is buying some plastic folders to put all my project ideas into!)

So if you currently don’t have an office-office then why not think about converting a small room in your house into one?! (I would do that, but then my younger brother wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep! HEHE) Plus I guess it’s also nice to leave ‘work’, were you can then go and relax on the sofa watching the TV and having something to eat.

When I do manage to grab my OWN office, then I’ll definitely tell you what the benefits are, but also if there is anything bad as well!

(That’s all for today and enjoy the rest of your weekend! I never knew I could write so much just about an office!…)