Talk About Branding For D9 Hosting!

Over on one of my favourite forums (Standing Start Profits), Dan Thompson posted a picture of his football team and you’ll never guess what the tops looked like! I said, “Trust them to do this!”

(But before I tell you though, Dan is co-owner of D9 Hosing, so you can maybe see were this is going!)

These football tops are unique and one of a kind, the only way you’d be able to get your hands on one would be contacting Dan and asking him, were he might send you one out! And just the same as any other football team out there, they all have a sponsor, well Dan’s football team is no different! You’ll find that D9 Hosting are actually sponsoring the team, but it’s also another way getting your links ‘out there’ branding your company.

While it is a very small way, just imagine if they made it onto the TV! ;)

Anyway, it’s pretty cool don’t you think?! (Well I think so!) Just imagine the possibility of what you could do!…

I suppose I should find out the REAL reason they did this (I’ll see what can be done!)

So What Internet Marketing Experts Visit Your Blog?

Mainly with the use of MyBlogLog, I can see just who visits my blog and when I see some of the names, it brings a smile to my face! I’m kinda keeping tabs on what Internet Marketing Experts are visiting my blog and hopefully reading my posts. I would also hope that it was up-to scratch for them and they ‘enjoyed’ however, what I’d like even more was if they posted a comment! :D (It’s just me, I like this kind of thing and it also motivates me from time to time!)

So anyway there is actually a serious side to all this, and I’ll try and explain it in the best way possible. Cause at times, I can be very bad at explaining some things and people grab the wrong end of the stick!

Let’s take Kevin Riley for example (You know who Kevin is don’t you?!) Well as Kevin is famous for all his recipes, it would be perfect for me if I had just created a step-by-step guide and was looking for some JV partners!

But WHY you say?

Well I know that Kevin has visited my blog a few times (I asked him, about something and he told me that he’d seen it the night before!) and I hope that he’s read a few, if not all the posts I’ve written. Kevin would have been able to ‘build a picture’ of the kind of things I’m talking about and decide on what he felt the content was like. I then feel that he could use this when checking out my product I’d sent him for a review. (Does that make sense? – If not, then give me a shout and I’ll try and expand on what I wrote!)

I could have also used Lee McIntyre as an example as I know that he’s posted 2 comments, and each time…I was over the moon as they say! I felt *special* and it motivated me into producing even more articles for my blog!

So before I go, I’m not leaving you in the dark either as I’ll run through some or most of the people that I’ve noticed who have visited my blog!

Lee McIntyre, Daniel Sumner, Kevin Riley, Sara Brown, Terry Dean, Paula Brett, Randy Smith, Tony Shepherd, and many others who I haven’t noticed! :oops:

If you have a blog (And why shouldn’t you?), why not go and install the MyBloglog widget today…and see what experts visit your blog tomorrow?!

20+ Draft Posts All Coming Your Way Very Soon

Just a short post today and yeah, you read that title right!

I literately have just over 20 draft posts sitting here half written, and I never got round to finishing off writing them, and publishing! So now you all know about this, I’m going to head over to them right now and start getting them finished and published on this blog over the coming weeks and months. :D

Plus I’ll let you into a secret right this minute! Your going to find out about the ‘ITUS‘ bug that’s going around and how you can stop yourself becoming infected by it! So watch this space as they say! :P

Incredible FREE Internet Marketing Graphics Package

Just a quick post from me today, but it includes a very valuable FREEBIE, so look out for the link down below. We as Internet Marketer’s will really love this package, and it’s definitely worth using in our day-to-day business life.

Yesterday when I came home and opend up my emails, I found one for a product that had just launched, and therefore I went to check out the salespage. You could see me smile a little when I noticed what it actually was! (And I knew it would be good for you, my readers!)

This not only makes the job of an Internet Marketer easier, faster and have a great professional look, they are offering the package for FREE! Imagine that!

Finding GREAT professional work like this will normally cost a fortune (Well maybe not a fortune!), not to mention if you even tried to design them yourself?!

I must say again that the graphics are great and the quality is superb, just what you need to grab the visitors attention and to help make that sale. Just check out some of their uses…

  • OptIn Forms
  • Order Now Buttons
  • Download Now Buttons
  • Guarantee Buttons
  • And more…

And as I’ve already said, the best part is that they are ALL free! So go grab your graphics package today, just click on the link below…

== >>

Enjoy the graphics! :D

Have You Taken The Wordpress 2.5 Plunge Yet?

It’s been around 2 weeks now since Wordpress released their latest version (2.5) of the blogging software! Now as first, it can be quite daunting when you go to upgrade your older version…and some people keep holding off and off. But have you thought what could actually happen if you DON’T upgrade?!

Look at it this way, you’ll have some people with nothing better to do with their time (mainly hackers) who will take advantage of your old WP version and you could run the risk of losing your blog completely!

I bet that’s NOT what you want, is it?!

As soon as I found out that Wordpress 2.5 had been released, I upgraded straight away! Some people did have the odd problem with incompatible plugins (and the odd theme I think) as this was a completely new version, but I’m glad so announce nothing bad happened here and the upgrade was done in less than 5 minutes. (If your unsure what to do, you can follow their instructions that come included!)

Now as Lee McIntyre mentioned this morning (On his blog!), you could quite easily head over to RentACoder or whatever freelance site you use and get someone who knows what they are doing to do the upgrade for you in double quick time.

You could also ask one of your Internet Marketing ‘friends’ if they could possibly upgrade the version for you, and an experienced person should manage it no problem. (I’m sure most would say yes!)

I really like the *BRAND NEW* design of the admin panel in v2.5, and find it easier to move around. Things are easier to find out and you can change the colour scheme if you like as well, just by the click of you mouse!

Clickbank Send Me My FIRST Ever Cheque For $269.32!

What now feels like ages away, on Wednesday 5th March (I finally got round to blogging about it!), I was delighted when I came home to find a Clickbank cheques waiting for me! I was like, YAHOO! It really is a GREAT feeling to open your mail and find a cheque for a certain amount, plus the fact that I was shocked when I logged into my account anyway…just to find I’d make some affiliate sales!

Well before I get any further, this post isn’t being published to brag about anything in particular! The reason I am though is because I want to show YOU that making money online CAN be done! Many others receive their Clickbank cheques through the door every couple of weeks, so why can’t you?

I was going to post a picture of the cheque, but it didn’t come out right with the camera, so why not a screenshot from my Clickbank account?!

Here you have it then, my very FIRST cheque for $269.32 (Account screenshot!)

CB Account Screenshot - $269.32

Sidenote: Before I go any further, I must mention that I have now changed over to their Direct Deposit. All that means is they pay your cash straight into your bank account. (NO more waiting around the bank for 2 hours trying to cash 3 cheques! ;) ) If you want to find out more, why not check out Paula Brett’s blog post on that very topic?

There is only one question that I’m going to ask you now, and that’s…

“Have You Started Marketing Clickbank Products And Earning A Commission?”

I personally hope that you answered YES to that question! This is just ONE way to make money online, and it doesn’t need to cost you ANYTHING to setup!

Yip, that’s right! There is NO cost to you if you’d like to start out in affiliate marketing. It’s quite easy to go and setup a Squidoo lens or even a Blogger blog. These are FREE sites that allow you to do this very thing. There have been times when I setup a Squidoo lens to promote a few products and from them I had a sales here and there.

One question that people have been asking me, is “What Am I Going To Spend My Clickbank Cash On?” Well that would be telling wouldn’t it?

I’ve had a long hard think about what my hard-earned cash is going towards, and while I may have decided myself…I welcome you to post a comment on what you think I SHOULD invest in.

Have fun, and I look forward to your suggestions!

Sledgehammer And This Computer!

As a marketer, do you ever get the feeling that things just aren’t going to plan for you? (Or in my case, NEVER going to plan!) I mean, who really wants a slow computer that sometimes doesn’t even start?!

So from that, you can probably guess, things over here at aren’t going well!

If I’m being totally honest, then I just want to head outside ino the garden shed and bring back a sledgehammer that’s locked away and use it on this PC! While it could be down to me having far too much stuff on it, I do still feel that it should be working better than it actually is!…

What should it be then? Should I start gutting this machine and remove all the rubbish stored on it, or just go ahead and purchase a brand new one? (I quite like the second option there, I don’t know about you?)

With me, it comes down to just placing items in any old spot. I mean, if you could see my desktop…then you’d know what cluttered looked like! :P

(A new machine or not? You decide!…)