Get A ‘Seasoned PRO’ To Do The Work For You!

So Mark, what on earth are you talking about now?

Well it’s the simple process of OUTSOURCING some of your business tasks. When using this kind of method, it is going to allow you to get on with other tasks that could be more fun than writing 25 articles for example!

A prime example is Lee McIntyre! In the March videos for Standing Start Profits, he shows us how you actually go about creating a project on were Lee’s actually looking for… (I better not say without prior permission!)

Another (fantastic) example is me! You see, I’m having a short report written for me (complete now), and it’s only costing me $50. Now think of the endless possibilities with what I could do with it. I could turn it into a brandable report, hence sending me some traffic and hopefully sales in the process. I could even sell it at $7 for example, and use a well known script. ($7 Secrets)

So with this brandable report, many people could go and insert their Clickbank ID’s and sell the report on their websites. Another GREAT way is to give it away for free to someone who subscribes to your mailing list. (A service like Aweber!) – Now you could still sell it on eBay if you like, but that would need to be through the Classified Ad’s section since they have changed their policy!

When these type of books turn viral, in fact when any report turns viral, then it’s a simple way of generating targeted traffic to the salespage! So if your salespage copy converts well, then they should hopefully purchase the product! :D

Now then, how have your thoughts on outsourcing changed? (That is if they have!)

To Plugin Or Not To Plugin, That Is The Question…

Since this blog went ‘on air’ so to speak, I’ve added a few plugins over time! Now some can be of use and others a total waste of time, if you know what I mean. But what do I have here at headquarters? While I’m not going to list them all here, I thought about recommending a few that you should have!
(Click their name to be taken to the relevant page!)

  1. What Would Seth Godin Do - I really like this plugin and find it very useful. You see, if your new (or just cleared your cookies) and you visit any part of my blog, then it allows me to display a custom message to them. At the moment, I try to encourage the visitors to subscribe to my RSS feed. You can, if you wish, edit the message and put whatever you like in.I really like this plugin, and it has to be one of the best ones out there.
  2. Akismet - As this blog grows and grows (you’ve got to think big eh?) it will more or less receive quite a few comments on the posts that I make. This plugin assists, along with comment moderation, in filtering out all the SPAM that comes through (mainly from bots!) – Hence, it saves me quite some time when I’m approving and attending to my blog. You do need to signup at were you’ll receive an API that the plugin requires to work. (It’s FREE! – Signup Now!)
  3. Related Posts - Whenever a visitor finds your website through a search engine (for example) they often only see that single post at first. They are also here because they want to find out about a topic that interests them! With Related Posts plugin, it makes life 10 times easier for your visitors by showing them other posts you happen to have written on the subject. I would hope that they stuck around and looked at even more content because of this.
  4. Google Sitemaps - Don’t want the hassle of creating one yourself? Then this plugin is for you! It will automatically create a Google compliant sitemap of your Wordpress blog. This will ensure that all your pages are, and get indexed in Google. You really don’t want to be without this plugin when Google crawls your site!
  5. Well that’s for YOU to decide! – It can be whatever plugin you like. There has to be hundreds of them going around and I bet I’ve missed half of them. Are you able to fill me and my readers in with another part of the jigsaw? Well, I hope so! Just leave a comment below, and I’ll sum them all up in a new post later on next week! :D

That rounds up the main plugins for today. I happen to use all 4 of them on this blog, and am have no problems! So go ahead and install some yourself!

And as always, I’m looking forward to what you’ve got to add! We’re all here to help eachother!…

Huge PLR Profits With Resale Rights Ultimatum!

We ALL keep going on about creating your own product, and usually the answer that comes back is… “I don’t know what to do!” – Now come on, it’s not that hard to create a product is it? (Yeah, I’m kinda guilty at the moment but that’s ALL going to change! So why not follow me down the road too?)

23 Year Old Reveals The Secrets To Launching Your
Own HOT Clickbank Product In Under 30 Days…

James Dyson let me grab this brand new product a couple of weeks ago, and as you might have guessed from the title…the product focuses on methods relating to using resale rights and private resale right products to generate profits. I’ve spoken to James a few times via email and MSN and he’s a good guy!

Now, BEFORE you start thinking that this is just another rehashed report on resale right methods…then I ask you to think again! I spend the whole day checking out this huge course and absolutely loved it. Resale Rights Ultimatum is a complete training course focusing on ALL aspects of making money via resale rights content, using some cutting edge methods I’ve never seen before!

James has mentioned that places could be LIMITED so if you’re wanting in, then you need to check the website out now! Just click below for more info:

== >>

So when you first gain access to the members area, you really are presented with a MASSIVE amount of content. (You’ll not know were to start!) I really was shocked at how much information James had packed into this product for the price he’s charging you today! I’ve not personally, but I know others that have paid hundreds of dollars for expensive home study cources in the past and not seen as much content as this.

The course is presented through the use of a main PDF report, as well as PDF worksheets and mind-maps which guide you through each of the courses ‘modules’. Within most modules, you’ll also have a number of videos which show every detail of the process.

In fact, here’s just a few of the things that James is going to share with you today…

  • How to take a raw PLR product and turn it into a cash generating full product in just days!
  • How to use PLR to create multiple automated income streams which keep paying you month ater month with minimum effort!
  • How you can use PLR to build a list of hungry subscribers ready to buy from you time after time!
  • The shockingly effective ‘remix and reposition’ method which James has used to generate in excess of $12,000 with one PLR product!

The main modules in the course take you step-by-step through the process of locating private label right content, changing it into your own content, creating all the marketing materials and setting up the sales process…right up to actually launching your new product into the market.

If there was a main report (with OVER 120 pages) then it would really sweeten the deal for you wouldn’t it? Well some good news, the main report also includes some additional strategies including how to use resale rights content to profit on the popular auction site eBay, how to use resale rights with affiliate marketing…and also a clever method of using this content with niche marketing strategies. (WOW!)

I have to say that this course REALLY does have all the escape routes bases covered, and I’m in no doubt that even a marketer just starting out could use this information and strategies to build their own Internet Marketing business from the ground up, brick-by-brick, with minimum investment required.

What happens with advanced marketers then? Well they will also benefit from the advanced strategies which can easily be implemented into an existing business to BOOST profits!

So if you’re looking for a way to start your Internet Marketing career, or you just want to take things to the next level with your own products…I really recommend that you GRAB Resale Rights Ultimatum today, before the price goes up! This really is a step-by-step blueprint to business success.

Just click below to be taken to the salespage now!

== >>

Password Protect Any Webpage – The SIMPLE Way!

Have you ever found the need were you need some protection for a single page on your website? You know, maybe the download page were the username and password are sent out to the user via email after they have purchased. Or maybe the fact that your only going to allow certain people to see your ’special offer’ that you spent ages creating.

Well today, I have your answer! And NO, it’s not going to cost you a single penny unless of course you do decide to invest in some gear with 1000’s more functions. If you want to protect MORE than the one page (eg, a membership area) at a time…than this code isn’t for you. Although, please do keep reading as you may need it for future.

So lets get onto the basics. The visitors are required to enter a username and password into the login form to view the page content. YOU decide these 2 values from inside the code, and to be honest…is perfect for protecting your download pages. You would just need to find a way of telling them what to use.

// Define your username and password
$username = "someuser";
$password = "somepassword";
if ($_POST['txtUsername'] != $username || $_POST['txtPassword'] != $password) {



<form name="form" method="post" action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>">
  <p><label for="txtUsername">Username:</label>
  <br /><input type="text" title="Enter your Username" name="txtUsername" /></p>

<p><label for="txtpassword">Password:</label>
  <br /><input type="password" title="Enter your password" name="txtPassword" /></p>

<p><input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Login" /></p>



else {


<p>This is the protected page. Your private content goes here.</p>





Now from past experience, I know that it’s NOT good to copy any code in Wordpress because it does tend to mess a few things up! So that’s why I’ve decided to help you out here. I have placed the code into a text file were you can visit and just copy then paste into what relevant file you like.

== >>

When you do insert this code into your web-page and go to save, you’ll need to call it ’something.php‘ instead of the usual .html – I’m also hoping to implement this code into a few pages on my site. I’ve even setup a test page, and tried it out myself and it’s simple enough to do.

However…if you would rather buy some software, then there are really only 2 that I can recommend.

So anyway, please do let me know what you think in the comments below.

Do You Work Much Online During The Weekend?

I should really be in bed right now, I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me. And to tell you the truth, not all of it is work!…

This question has probably been asked thousands of times, but it shows you what can really happen when you put your mind to it. So Mark, what’s that meant to mean?!

What I meant by that is, marketer’s like John Thornhill, Lee McIntyre and Jim Cockrum all worked (99.9% positive this is the case) during their weekends and never really took any time to relax. But if you work hard during the week and put your business on autopilot, then you WILL be able to take those weekends off. Spend some quality time with your family, or go watch the football and have a beer.

I try not to work my weekends, but this week will definitely be an exception! You see, over on Standing Start Profits forum…we have planned a Skype Conference call tonight (Saturday) and Sunday afternoon.

Now, the best part is that we have Kevin Riley attending the call tonight and Lee McIntyre on the Sunday afternoon. (OK so maybe I should have kept that quiet!)

Anyway I’m off to watch a little bit of late-night TV before I hit the deck, or in my case…the pillow. Catch you all in the next couple of days, were I’ll hopefully talk a little bit about what I learned during the calls.

Marketer’s Giving Back To Their Local Community

Was anyone hit by the snow that the weather reporters were talking about yesterday? Sad to say that nothing fell here, so I’m not best pleased! ;)

Anyway, onto the topic in question. To be honest, something like this actually just flew right past me! I mean, it’s VERY easy to get sorted out and it will allow you to get on with some other work knowing that your basically ahead of schedule.

It was just 1 week ago that Lee McIntyre did this very thing. He simply got in-touch with his local school, and arranged a small competition for the pupils that attended. Of course, there would be a couple of prizes up for grabs. More Info >>

The concept of giving something back to your community is something that I really do like and might give it a shot myself. If you take a look at the comments too, I’m sure you’ll agree with most of them as well. I definitely was!…

I wonder what sort of ideas Lee will come out with next? :D