Have You Registered YourName.com Yet?

Once again it’s pouring down with rain here in the UK. Not to mention this cold that’s just hit me, but I’m not letting it stop me from providing my readers with information!

Now, you’ve maybe heard other marketers like John Thornhill or even Lee McIntyre talking about this from time to time. If you remember from that ‘interview‘ I had with John, he mentioned it there too.

When I first started out online, I really didn’t know were I was or what in fact I was doing. I searched eBay several times and I eventually came across PlanetSMS (John Thornhill) and started from there really.

The IMPORTANT thing I never did, was to register MarkMcWilliams.com – People will do searches on Google maybe even Yahoo looking for YOU! So after a bit of time, I eventually went to register Mark-McWilliams.com because the other one had been TAKEN!

Fortunately for me, MarkMcWilliams.com had been registered a few years before so it couldn’t be helped. However, I am on the lookout for when it does expire…cause I’ll be jumping on it like a hound. :D

The thing I’m trying to tell you is go register YourName.com domain today! Get a blog setup on it, then start typing away. If you know nothing about Wordpress, then you could always get someone to do it for you. Although, if you have cPanel then there is a program called ‘Fantastico De Luxe’ were you can install it from.

Back on track of things, you can use your domain and add a ‘recommends’ directory were you can create nice looking affiliate links. I mean, what’s better?



Come on, I hope you were going with the second link there! ;)

I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from this post today. And as always, if you need to know anything else…then just drop me a line in the comments below.

The NEW Style Of Buttons Used For Optin Boxes?!

Is it me, or have more of us started using those new style of buttons that have a red border? But when you hover the cursor over the area, it changes to green.

To be honest, I actually like them because it’s different and makes us (as readers or buyers) want to go and click on them. Although it’s true, they do look 10 times better than a normal button.

So me being me, I had to go and find the code for these new buttons so that I could implement them. I had thought at first about just checking the source code, but was hoping to find a site were they could be made and we just got the code. Well, what were the chances of that happening?

They were actually quite good because that’s just what I found. It’s a GREAT little tool and I simply had to share it with you. To create your own button you simply need to enter a few details here and there, click to preview your button and then copy the code. The code then just needs to be entered to your site and hey presto, you’ve got one all for yourself!

But were did I get my hands on this little tool?

Well, check out http://www.onlinebuttonsecrets.com to see this FREE online generator. Go give it a shot yourself and see just what you can come up with! :D

So what do you think? Leave your comments below…

The Revolution Theme And WP Has What In Common?

So how was your weekend then? Action packed or just taking some time off? Well, mine was pretty quiet and I therefore didn’t do much… :D

Well over the past few days, I’ve been looking into this GREAT collection of Wordpress Themes. As you know, I mentioned that I was planning on revamping Mark-McWilliams.com with the use of a new theme. So I thought it was about time for some good news.

I came across a site called RevolutionTheme.com and was amazed at the quality and look of the themes that were provided. After checking out all the demos, I’m still undecided as to which theme to go for. Now I must say before I go any further that they are not free. In my eyes though, there is an advantage to paying for them…and I’ll get onto that a bit later.

Why can’t I make my mind up then? Well, it’s down to the stunning array of themes that Brian Gardner has created. (You may have heard about him?) I mean, let’s take a look at them below…

Revolution Theme Revolution PRO Theme

…So from these thumbnails, you can see what I mean! ;) I hope to have made my mind up by the end of the week and make my purchase then get the beast installed.

And don’t worry, because I’m going to customise whatever theme I get too…so you may not know were you are the next time you visit. I think I’m going to stick with the green colour too, although I’m not sure. Your comments would be appreciated on the subject.

Now before I wrap this up for tonight, I was going to mention why I like a theme that you have to pay for. Well…as silly as it may sound for wanting to pay for something, it’s actually very logical! If you purchase one of the themes you like, you will receive FREE life-time upgrades. So as the internet moves on and the themes are developed even further, you get FULL access to them at NO additional cost! This is 99.9% the same with digital/software products that you buy.

It’s Worth 10x MORE Than What Lee McIntyre Charges!

Today I thought it was about time to tell you a little more about why I LOVE Standing Start Profits as much as I do!

Before I begin though, I’ll tell you a little more about when I joined. It was August 4th 2007 that I first stepped foot inside the members area. So that’s been just a little longer than 6 months I believe, and to be honest…it actually feels like a lot longer! Bring on another 6 months!… ;)

The Standing Start Profits community is THE place to be, and the members are GREAT! You’ll get along with everyone without a doubt. The BEST part of the membership has to be the forum though! With MORE than 13000 posts and 630 members, that alone is worth the membership fee!

But before I go any further, I’ve got a video for you to watch. It gives you a look inside the members area, were Lee also announces that the price WILL be increasing! I don’t want you missing out, so click play and watch the video today…

So what do you think of it? Good isn’t it!… :D

From the video, you can see that EACH and EVERY month we get new videos that Lee has just created. And when you watch them you’ll see were all the information comes from. OK, maybe I’m telling a lie because Lee DOES participate on the forum, and gives everyone a helping hand.

And put it this way, it’s not everyday that you get to talk to a well-known marketer. That’s the beauty of SSP, Lee’s there were you can ask him questions and he too can help you.

This site is the REAL Deal, and is perfect for anyone to help get them started online! If I were you, then I’d visit the site and join today! Remember what Lee said in the video about the price going up? Go and secure your price NOW!

I don’t know how long it’s going to be before the price will increase. Nor do I know how much the price will increase too, so don’t wait long because I know Lee! If he promises that the price will go up, then it WILL! Please don’t miss out on this, and I’ll see you on the inside… Don’t miss out!

And There You Thought That It Wasn’t Possible!

Well this is just going to be a really quick post, but earlier on today…Lee McIntyre released a new ‘Training Video’ on his blog. It was all about…

How I Earned 100K+ In Just 228 Days From Scratch

…and it definitely is worth watching, so why not take a look today?

One of the main reasons I’m telling you this, is because I found it exciting and not to mention that it’s from Lee McIntyre himself! ;) (I really admire what Lee does and how he does it.)

The video really does give you an insight into what can be achieved online. Again, this is down-to-earth information from a respected marketer who does this full-time!

The Last Week Of January

Right, before I get started you’ll remember that I mentioned in another post I was going to post weekly about what I’ve been doing to build my business. (If you’d like to see that post, then just click here.) Well it’s finally here and I’m excited, but also disappointed too. You’ll find more out in a minute.

So as promised…here’s a rundown of whats been happening over the past week:

  1. Earlier on today, I thought it’d be appropriate to post some more information on my blog. You’ll see it’s all about a product launch, and how when you think your finished and ready…something else always crops up. Check it out here.
  2. I have some quite a lot of PLR gathering ‘digital dust’ on my computer so I’m thinking about giving them a ‘lick of paint’ so to speak, and using them to generate some traffic to my sites and blog. So I created some bonus files that I can put in the package too, that recommends a couple of sites. Mainly Standing Start Profits and John Thornhill’s Mentorship Monthly.
  3. With my new report, Support System Simplified, I also wanted to offer a 5 day email course on the salespage too. So I went about contacting a ghostwriter to find out if they could do the work for me. I’ve yet to hear back yet, but that’s because I just sent the email today! ;)
  4. With my desire to break into Internet Marketing even more, I spent an hour brainstorming some free report ideas that I could give my subscribers and blog readers. Some GREAT things were brought up and I’m looking forward to what happens.
  5. I decided on Tuesday I think that I should maybe update my report a little. This included making it easier to understand and follow. So far I’ve got half of the report done, and I’m glad to say that there’s about 4 more pages added!
  6. When I submit my product for Clickbank’s approval, they require you to have a download page setup. So I’ve just created a really basic one for when I do submit it. I should be doing this next week once the full report has been updated.
  7. It was earlier on today that I also bought my support desk domain were I also installed the script. So any future support tickets will now be from AskMarkNow.com - I shall be ordering some graphics for it next week too, where I’ll then customize the script to make it look unique.

Well, by rights I should have done another 11 tasks this week…but I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t feeling too good on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. So now work got done. I’m aiming to have my report fully updated by the end of Wednesday 6th February.

Look out for next weeks edition, and I hope you too are taking action to build your business.

A Product Launch Isn’t All What It Seems!…

Well, as most of you are currently aware of. I’ll soon be launching my VERY first product! It’s called Support System Simplified, and now that I’m getting closer and closer to completion…it’s amazing how many tasks crop up that still need to be done! I mean, take a look at some of the things that come to mind this very minute…

  • I still need to finish writing the report! – I know that I could have just left it as it was, however I’d rather do the updates and offer the buyer even more. :)
  • Submit product for Clickbank’s approval! – Again, this is something that I had known about when I started…although you sort of forget about it during the product creation process.
  • Setup the opt-in boxes and insert in the right place! – As you can imagine, I need to make sure that each list has been setup in the correct place. Otherwise there might be a few unhappy customers.
  • Download page needs to be created! – I mean, how else would I get the product to the buyer? There’s also another way of using some software like DL Guard, were it sends the buyer to a secure download page.
  • Contact potential JV partners! – This is important and is something that I’ll be doing very very soon. I hope to get some known names to promote my report one way or another! :D

Although knowing me, I’ll still have another 10 tasks on top of that to complete! ;)

However, as a ‘newbie’ we all make mistakes…and I’m sure that when you started (or are at the moment) you made mistakes that you’d almost ‘laugh’ about now-a-days. It’s all a learning curve, but it will help me in the long-run as I continue my quest to become a full-time marketer!

I’m aware too that the ‘Clock Is Ticking’ so to speak. I’ve already had quite a lot of interest over on the Standing Start Profits forum were I’ve been interacting and actually been talking about my product. There are a few of the members that REALLY can’t wait for it…

I’d love to hear what experience you’ve gained from launching a product. But also from a ‘newbie’ perspective too. Just post your comments below.