A Quick Guide To Creating A Favicon For Your Site

After my post yesterday, a few people have come back to me and asked how exactly they create their own favicon too. So to help them out, and you of course, I’ve decided to blog about it! Let’s begin…

1. As with my logo, you can see that I has an emblem too. Well when I had my logo created, I asked the designer if they could supply me the emblem on it’s own too. As well with the actual logo. Any graphic designers would do the same I’d hope.

2. Once the files have been sent too you. It’s time to convert the file into it’s correct format. That is however unless your designer has already done this for you. It will never harm to ask though! The format for a favicon is .ico

To help you out with the process, I have found a very good converter that you can use online. It’s FREE to use and very easy to work with. So take a look today… http://www.htmlkit.com

In fact, you can convert any image you like into a favicon with that converter. Why not try that out for yourself…

3. With your file converted, you need to upload the favicon file to the folder of your site. Any FTP client will do the trick, SmartFTP or even FileZilla.

4. Next, you need to enter the following HTML tag to your site. Don’t worry, it’s really small.

<link rel=”icon” href=”http://www.domain.com/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” />
<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” />

Note: Don’t copy or paste this code direct from the page. Wordpress tends to mess up the little quotation marks when you do that.

The above code needs to be entered after the <head> tag, and before the </head> tag.

5. Upload your updated site.

Well, that’s it complete. Your favicon will now show whenever you visit your site, you’ll be able to see it in the address bar…or beside any of your bookmarks.

I hope you found this quick guide interesting and useful. As usual, I’d love to read any comments you leave…

New Logo And Changes Coming Too Mark-McWilliams.com

Advancing in my online career and with the importance of creating a brand, I decided upon myself that it was about time to have a logo created for my business. In fact, check it out below…

The Mark-McWilliams.com Logo!

So, what are your thoughts on it? I even took the emblem, as suggested by a good friend, and used it to create a favicon. That too helps with branding. :D

Definition of a FaviconA favicon, or favourites icon is a small graphic that is associated with a page or website. The favicon allows the web developer to customize the site in the web browser, both in the tab bar that is displayed in many browsers as well as in the bookmarks when a site is saved.

But what are the ‘changes’ that I’m talking about? Well, if you take a look at the whole of my blog…you’ll find that there’s not much room for me to put items anywhere. So hopefully I’ll be able to sort that problem out. It just involves a PHP programmer and some cash! ;)

I’m also doing this too benefit YOU, the readers of my blog! I want this to he a huge information and resource center. However, I’m not going to go into much detail at this point…I still need to clear a few questions that I have first. But the minute I have some more info, you’ll be the first to find out.

I hope this is going to work out for the best, but if not…then I’ll make good with what I’ve got! :)

Taking Action Is My New Objective!

Inspired by my own post over at Standing Start Profits, I’ve decided that I’m almost in need of some time management software. But instead of buying software, I mean…what’s the point in that when you can just write a list out?

I’m in the middle of creating another category on my blog where I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing during the week. I will make this post every Saturday, as I tend not to do very much on a Sunday. I’m aiming to have done a minimum of 18 tasks that will in time, build my business! For this to work out, I really need to consistently do 3 tasks each and every day that I work! [6x3= 18]

I will be starting in February, with my first post in the new category being made on the 2nd. This will cover what I’ve done in the last week of January. And as my blog readers, I’d like you to keep me on track. If I forget to do something, then send me a reminder via my trusty helpdesk.

And on that note, I think it’s about time to rap this post up. All I’ve got to say is look out for more information on my new report Support System Simplified. I hope your going to enjoy it when I release it…

As always, I welcome your comments. Just post them below.

Lee McIntyre And An EXPLOSIVE ‘Six Months Of Magic!’

Lee McIntyre went from ZERO to $20,000 a month! Get the FULL story today.

It was January 2nd 2008 when Lee posted an interesting question on his blog. In fact, this is what he did write…

Think of a question that you’d like to ask me and then post it in the comments below. And if you can’t narrow it down to one question? Not a problem, and feel free to post as many as you want!

Well, to say that Lee got a ‘few’ responses would actually be lying…so I’m not going to do that! To be honest, Lee was astounded by the response that he received.

At the time of writing this post, there’s OVER 130 comments with people asking their questions. So you can imagine what it would be like to pick the winner, let alone the questions that would get answered.

Why not check out the actual post by clicking here.

>>> Download 6 Month’s Of Magic TODAY! – The Full Story… <<<

Do YOU Have A Support Desk Or Just Use Email?

We, as marketer’s…are going to receive emails from time to time. But what do you use? A support desk, or just conventional email?

Here’s a question though, how many emails that have been sent to you, are caught up in the SPAM filters? My guess is that there will be quite a few! Imagine how many emails could possibly be from one person who is now wondering if your in fact ignoring them. It’s not something that I’d like to happen, it could ruin your reputation…then where do you go from there?

If only you had a support desk, all the communicating is done via that. There is now no way that emails are caught up in the filters, and for people to think that they have been ignored. A well know eBay powerseller has recently just aquired his own support desk, because of this very problem.

Not only is it better communication, but the whole ‘chat’ is stored. You can easily see what you and the other party have said previously. So, what are you thinking? Do you need to get your hands on a support desk now?…

Well, there’s some good news. I’m soon to release a report, well…it’s more a guide explaining how to setup your own support desk and customise it. More on this in the coming days though.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave them below…

John Thornhill Quizzed! But What’s All That About?

John ThornhillIt was a couple of nights ago, that I was sitting with some paper and a pen. I started to write down some questions that I wantted some ansews too. So, John Thornhill was the lucky candidate that I sent then too. And a couple of hours later, John had sent me a reply to say that he would indeed answer them. :D

So, without keeping you waiting any longer…let’s get onto the first question;

1] Mark: How did you go and create all of your products? At a rough count, you have 12 [many more though I guess] but how do you take your ideas and thrun them into cash producing products?

I have many ideas that I have written down over time, but will probably never get round to creating a product with them. So…do you just think of a couple and go with one of them, or is it just something completely different?

John: Well as my main niche is eBay and information products, I try and stay within that area. I usually just have ideas out of the blue and make a note of it. One thing I always do is make sure I only work on one product at a time. It’s easy to be halfway through a product and get an idea for something else that can throw you off course. So, I now make sure I always complete the product I am working on before moving onto the next.

2] Mark: If you were going to create a new membership site, then what would you be looking to do? How would you build it, and depending on what it was…would you go with a monthly fee or just a fixed price?

John: Well, I actually have 2 paid membership sites. NinetyDayPowerseller.com is a fixed price membership site, and MentorshipMonthly.com is a monthly fee site. Both work well and it really depends what you are selling. If you constantly update a site and provide new material, I would suggest having a monthly fee site.

3] Mark: You are going to UPDATE an existing product. When is the right time to even think about it? I know that when you updated Auction Traffic Explosion, you changed from the $7 script too using Clickbank. Or do you not really think about updating them?

John: I am actually quite lazy when it comes to updating products. I know I should update my sites more but I just don’t. I guess I’m too busy working on new projects.

4] Mark: Your a huge fan of My Digital Dispatch [MyDD], but what do you think about the other digital delivery scripts around, such as DLGuard or EW Portal? What makes you like MyDD so much, is it down too the features, or it’s customer support?

John: I actually only use MyDD because I found it first. However, I would not change it as I have been happily using it since 2005 and have never had any issues. One of the best things about that software is the ability to embed your affiliate ID in the delivery emails that it send out. This is an easy way to make autopilot income.

As for the other products, while they are probably fine, I have never used them.

5] Mark: Do you interact much with other marketer’s through MSN or Skype? Or is this not your thing? Does it just happen via emails, or through forums?

John: Beware of MSN and Skype, they eat away at your working day. I only use them when I have to. I tend to do everything via email and have the odd phone conversation.

6] Mark: Unless I’ve missed them anywhere, do you create many viral eBooks? If not, then why? Do you not think they could build your business even more?

John: Lol, I have hundreds ‘out there’ but you, wouldn’t know it as they cover every niche imaginable. Most are simply Private Label eBooks I have ‘edited’ with my affiliate links or simple brandable eBooks I have personalised or ‘branded’ with me affiliate ID.

7] Mark: Your PlanetSMS trade name is known all over the place, and you’re a very successful eBay Powerseller…but here is my question. On your eBay download pages, do you have a different subscribe box on each page, or do you just use the same? You’d have hundreds of lists if you didn’t use the same.

John: I just have a link to my main newsletter although I do keep the ‘upsells’ within the niche I am selling. Eg, if I sell you a weight loss eBook, I would probably promote a weight loss product from Clickbank on the download page. This is simple marketing that works very well.

8] Mark: What are the TOP 5 products that you need’use to help automate and build your business? Are they digital delivery script, or software that helps you too create affiliate pages?

John: Hmm, that’s a good question. I would imagine my top 5 automation tools are;

1, AWeber (Autoresponder service)
2, My Digital Dispatch (Delivery Script)
3, Turbo Lister (eBay Listing Tool)
4, Selling Manager Pro (eBay Management Tool)
5, Amember (Membership Script)

9] Mark: If you had to start from scratch again, then what would you do different from before? What costly mistakes or errors have you made in the past that you wouldn’t like to do again? Is one of them not buying YourFullName.com

John: Yes, the first thing you should do is buy yourname.com. I failed to do that and now someone else owns it, but it’s OK as it links to one of my products via an affiliate link. :)

I also wish I never paid for traffic. I’ve wasted thousands on useless traffic programs. Now I don’t pay a penny as my viral eBooks bring me most of my traffic.

10] Mark: Now, I know you were going to set me up a couple of discount pages for some of your products. However, how do you actually do this? Is it a trade secret, or just some simply HTML? Are there any videos on doing this?

John: It actually depends on what payment processor you use. Most of the time your affiliate software will do the job, but like I said it depends what you use for payment so I can’t really answer that one, sorry.

But let me assure you if someone asks you to create a discount page, seriously consider it. Especially if it’s someone with a mailing list.

11] Mark: As your business grows, how important is it to outsource? I know that your friend, Dan Sumner is on your support desk. He also runs his own IM business. How can he find the time to do both?

John: You would have to ask Dan that. I suppose I pay him too much. :D

12] Mark: What would you look out for if another marketer was to ask you too work with them on a new project, ie. JV right from the start? Is this your thing or not. Would you take a look at the propsoition?

John: I look at every JV request as I remember what it was like for me trying to get people to promote my products. I always try and help people along and as long as a product is good quality that will benefit my subscribers, I will always consider it.

I also help a lot of people with poduct creation, if you need any help just get in touch through my helpdesk.

13] Mark: We all know that the money is in the list, is that why I don’t have a list (Or any money?) ;) But what are the main ways that you ‘collect’ subscribers? Would you use something like Dan Thompson’s Boomerang List Builder or not? And what’s your opionio when people say that a small list is better than a large one?

John: My principle is this - Many products building many lists.

That’s it. Sounds simple and it is really. I just create a new product every few months and use that product to build my list. I currently have over 20 mailing lists.

Also, it’s not about the list size but how you manage your lists. You could have a 100k list but treat your subscribers badly and you will earn less than the little guy with 500 subscribers who treats their list like gold. Of course a large list getting treated like gold is the untimate combination. 8)

14] Mark: A serious matter crops up and you really need $1000 to cover it. There is only $200 in the bank. What would you do, knowing that time was short…and that you could not use anything you already had? Except for that $200. Is this when you would concentrate on affiliate marketing?

John: I’d probably create a really good report or eBook and list it on eBay. I would list with 25 items available using the reatured option and price it at $10.

Once I have sold 2, I’m in profit. As my eBay fees wouldn’t be due for a month I’d still have the $200 in the bank.

Well, that’s the interview over, I hope that you enjoyed reading it and if you learned somthing…then GREAT! If you’ve got any other questions about anything, then just ask and I’ll do my best to answer for you.

Visit Any Useful Sites? Then Build A Resource Page…

For readers of my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve added a Resource Page today. Now, there are several reasons for me doing this. Although, the main reason is that I want to let you know of any resources that help me out. I can add them to that page for everyone to use and benefit from too.

So how many of you have a resource page? Or are you just keeping those GREAT links to yourself and letting your readers struggle? Well, that’s not how I work around here. If I find anything that helps me out, then you’ll be the first to find out about it.

I know the page looks kinda ‘bare’ at the moment, but over time, I’ll be adding to it.

If you’ve got any comments, then please leave them below.

Wishing You All The BEST For 2008 – Happy New Year

Well 2007 has offically been and gone. Were now into 2008 so I guess it’s the perfect time to wish you a Happy New Year! It’s been a good year for me, not in business sense but the rest of it.

Happy New Year!

In 2008 I’m looking forward to launching my first product [more on that later], and building my business. I hope that I’ll see you doing similar.

So, what are your plans…anything special?