In Honour Of My Friend, Colm Butterly!

We’ll NEVER Forget What You Did For Us!

Colm Butterly

Writing this post just brings tears to my eyes. I logged into my Skype account on Thursday 20th December 2007, and to shock horror…I had a message from Sian Butterly, informing me that Colm had passed away on Sunday 16th December 2007. I just could not believe what I was reading!

He was a GREAT guy and unbelievably generous! If you didn’t know him, then you really¬†did miss out. You could always count on him with his vast technical knowledge and skills to help people out.

Lee McIntyre called him Colm ‘Man Of Action’ Butterly, as he was always there to help others. He helped me out on a few occassions and we spoke to each other via Skype, a lot of the time. And Colm never expected anything in return.

Colm’s a BIG loss to the Standing Start Profits community, and he was loved by each and every member! I’ll never forget the number of times someone posted a question, and Colm was there giving detailed answers.

Nor, will I forget all the help that Colm gave to me, in the time that I knew him, and I know other’s won’t either.

My thoughts go out to his wife Sian, and all his friends & family at this difficult time.

Thanks for everything! We will never forget…

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