An Interview SPECIAL With Colm Butterly

Well, I was lucky enough to interview Colm Butterly, owner of Search Domination Challenge, and I am currently compiling the interview into a brandable report that YOU can give away, and earn some commission from! :)

But just for you…I have been allowed to release just 3 questions and answers on my blog! So if you want to spread the word now, just point them in this direction. ;)

Anyway, onto the 3 leaked interview Q’s and A’s…

Q: Most people will know that you have your own hosting company ( but what inspired you to write an eBook called Search Domination Challenge?

A: As part of the service I give for my reseller and business hosting products, I always contact new clients directly by telephone to get to know them and find out what type of extras I can give them to best serve their needs. The subject of search engine submission and getting sites ranked came up again and again. After all, what is the point of a web site if nobody sees it? I would always try to give some helpful advice on these calls, but an international telephone conversation can hardly take the place of a comprehensive manual on getting search engine placements. It becomes obvious to me that the demand for such a product was high and I had the skill-set to create just such a manual. In Internat Marketing terms, the decision to create Search Domination Challenge was a no-brainer.

Thanks for that Colm! And if I must say…the book is GREAT aswell.

Q: Now, we all know that a marketer works online…but what do you like to do offline? What hobbies to you have, if any?

A: I would say my online and offline hoppies are similar in nature. Online, I like to create and tweak scripts and I spend a lot of time helping clients get their script installations set up the way they want them. Offline, I enjoy working with my hands. I have woodwork and metalwork projects on the go and I also try to exercise the knowledge I gained in Industrial Electronics. These offline tasks are never urgent and because of that, they gave me a chance to relax.

I enjoy puzzles and do crosswords and sudoku in quiet moments. A lot of my more active pursuits have fallen by the wayside since starting a family. My son, Anthony, is now five and I am looking forward to teaching him canoeing, rock-climbing and sailing. I am still a very outdoors type of person at heart and I want to leverage my online business in such a way as to provide the free time to follow these outdoor pursuits with my family. Making money online is only a means to an end – it’s all about the pursuit of happiness.

Well Colm, it sounds like you have plenty of things that you do! It’s amazing how you can fit so many hours into the day… :D

Q: You’re speaking to a total newbie or maybe just a beginner to internet marketing, what one piece of advice would you have to give them, and why?

A: Most IM newbies are caught in the information overload trap. You want to get started and you want to understand the business. Every day you are offered more information and software products to help you achieve your goals and you can easily end up with a hard drive full of unread reports and unsold resale products.

Taking action and committing to completing an online project will go a long way to getting you started. If you continue to do all the things you have been doing that haven’t made you any money, you will continue not making money. Just stop completely. Take three days away from clicking on links in emails and websites. Limit yourself to a timed maximum of one hour a day online. That could be one minute times sixty or one continuous hour, but hold to the limit. Use the extra time you free up to take pen and paper and plan your online business realistically. If you use all the time you save by not surfing the net, you can put together a pretty comprehensive plan in those three days.

Then follow your plan. Whether you succeed or not is entirely up to you. Tweak your plan and fill in details, but stick to it. Expect to work hard on your business, there is little difference between an online and an offline business – there is still no such thing as free lunch!

That’s GREAT Colm! Amazing information there.

Keep your eyes open for the brandable book and please post your thought’s on the interview below.

Newsflash: The Google MONSTER Has Been Unleashed!

After month’s and month’s of hard work, Colm Butterly has finally got his first book finished! And trust me when I say that it’s amazing with NOTHING held back! You see, Colm’s one of those people that look after his customers. He’s GREAT to talk too, and he’ll help you whenever your stuck.

So, introducing Search Domination Challenge. A KILLER guide showing you EXACTLY how to dominate search engines, and make bucket loads of cash at the same time.

Colm literally ‘owns’ BIG sections of Google, and knows search engines like the back of his hand. Heck, when Lee McIntyre released his flagship product (Auction Profits Unleashed), he literally DOMINATED the search results.

Go and take a look at some of the screenshots for yourself.

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