What’s With Colm Butterly And Search DOMINATION?

Who is Colm Butterly though?

Colm Butterly is a computer engineer who has years of experience working on high end computer hardware, storage, and network infrastructures. He has been “online” regularly since Norton Commander was the Operating System of choice. There was a time very few people knew who Bill Gates was!!! – He knows his way around servers and you can benefit from his professional experience at DiamondRack Reseller & Dedicated Hosting

Does this help? Well, it didn’t help me…so I’ll just let you know. Colm will soon be releasing a new book called Search Domination Challenge.

And because of this, I decided to go and setup a Squidoo lens on the very subject. Why not check it out here? – I have been at Squidoo for some time now, and have already setup quite a few lenses. It’s a GREAT way of spreading information, and hopefully a way of earning some affiliate commissions.

It was actually over on the Standing Start Profits forum that I found out about the competition that Colm was doing as part of the run-up to his prelaunch. And I thought, COOL, I’ll just keep adding to my Squidoo lens and hope it does well.

As I have said over on Squidoo, Colm is very WEB 2.0 and as a moderator on the forum…he has been trying to get all the membes involved in bookmarking others websites. You name it, digging, stumbling…however, I love del.icio.us and it’s just so easy, a newbie could do it!

Some great news too…

I managed to conduct an EXCLUSIVE interview with Colm the other day. And were hoping to publish it into a FREE book for you to giveaway to your list, even sell it on eBay! I can’t wait…

Enjoy the book when it come’s out, I WILL!

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